Monthly Favourites || October 2017

Monthly favourites is that time when we have a look at some of the lovely things that I find. This month we have books, beauty stuff, and stuff to make you feel safe.

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Glossy Box Unboxing || October 2017

Glossy Box Unboxing

Glossy Box is my monthly beauty box of choice, and it’s not difficult to see why. Every month, the box is packed with plenty of treats. For October, things have been shaken up with the battle between unicorns and mermaids. What mystical side will you be on?

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Get Gorgeous Now || Beauty Secrets

get gorgeous

Get gorgeous now with some of the best beauty secrets. Need help with roots? Easy. Cracked heels? Sorted. Just have a look at this handy infographic for the best advice for your beauty needs.

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Free stuff || The Beauty Edit || September 2016

beauty edit

I love when little parcels pop through my front door. It’s even better when that little parcel has a beauty product in it. But what is even better is when someone gets me a smelly bag. Yes, that is what I like to call a bundle of cosmetics and beauty products. A smelly bag. This month’s beauty edit has some samples, freebies, and some gifts from a smelly bag.

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Beauty picks || Golden Oldie

Sometimes my beauty picks are all about your skin and being youthful. Making it look better, protecting it, and making it shimmer. I’m not getting any younger so anything that can roll back the years and make me think that I’m a young chick again is good in my books. Hopefully I won’t forget my real age again and get in trouble with the tax office, again.

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A year to change your life: Week 1

When it comes to changing your life it can seem like hard work, and looks like it can cost a lot of money. It’s not surprising that a lot of people who want to change feel like they can’t because they are constantly fed images of perfection. But improving who you are is not about perfection, it’s progression. Improving you does not happen over-night, it can take years but that is the fun of it. Even if you are broke, down on your luck, and feel like the worst person on the planet who can’t improve, there is a way. I have found a way to change your life, one step at a time, that will only cost you a pound a week for the next year. This will get you on the right track to self-improvement. That’s right. So even if you are flat broke and think that you don’t have the funds to change a little bit every week, then read on. This week it is beauty on a budget.

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Mangrooming: Birch Box Limited Edition Man Box

In a bid to discover some new stuff for my husband, I ordered him a Birch Box. Not that there is anything wrong with his routine but it’s nice to try new products from time to time. And he is always happy to be my guinea pig and get pampered. What man doesn’t like a woman looking after him? Actually don’t answer that.

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BirchBox Benebride Review

Those of you who know me, know that I got married a couple of months ago (eek!). One of the most stressful things about the wedding day is making sure that you look good. No-one wants to be the bride that looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards with eyes that look like pissholes in the snow. Say what you will about me being shallow, but I don’t want to go looking back on my wedding snaps and feeling awful because I wasn’t the glowing picture of health and love on my big day. So I turned to the Benefit Bridal boxes from Birch Box.

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The Beauty Edit: Something Old, Something New

I might not look it from my photos but I am nearly 31 years old. Well, I hope I don’t look it anyway. I might be passed my prime to some people but seeing as I remember the 90’s (I was there after all) I thought I would share a couple of different products that we used back in the day. There are some new ones in there too because I can.

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The Beauty Edit

We were having a chat in the meeting the other day when I felt the need to apologise for not wearing any makeup. I don’t know why. Maybe it was to do with image. I am the beauty gal after all and I really should be groomed to perfection every day, shouldn’t I? Even if you feel the need to forget the makeup for a day, you can still look good and feel great.

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