10 of the best Halloween outfits || 2017

halloween outfits

Halloween is the time of the year when you get to unleash your spooky side. But in a world filled with PC rants about how people are disrespecting of cultures, we need to get back to basics. It’s time to get scary outfits! Here are ten of the best that will scare everyone.

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The Ultimate Guide to Free Tea and Coffee

free coffee guide

If you are addicted to coffee or tea then you probably understand that it can be quite an expensive habit to maintain even though it only costs a few pence to prepare at home.

If you spend £2.25 on a single Tall Starbucks Latte each working day for one year, you will have spent over £750 on coffee. This is not a joke. For that amount, you can get a brand new iPhone 6S or 8 years of Netflix subscriptions.

However, you can use several sneaky methods to get a free daily fix of caffeine and I have provided what I believe to be the most comprehensive guide to grabbing free brews in existence. Trust me, the site is called Latte Lindsay for a reason.

Completely Free Coffee and Tea

You should always keep a close watch on our food and drink page and our free stuff page for additional short-lived freebie coffees and teas. Starbucks gives out free beverages regularly but such offers only last for one day, so keep on checking.

Straightforward Free Offers from Cafes


If you want to get a completely free cup of coffee or tea every day without having to buy anything, you should consider signing up for a free MyWaitrose card. However, there are several “catches” even though they are not so bad:

After picking up your free drink, you are not allowed to simply walk out with it but rather you should take it to a till and then hand over the MyWaitrose card.

You cannot receive a free drink and sit in a Waitrose café with it. If you do not wish to pay for it, you have to take it to go.

That is it. This is simply the most generous free hot drink programme available and you are very lucky if you study, work, or live close to a Waitrose.


If you don’t live, work, or study near a Waitrose but live in North West England, then you can enjoy the same deal from Booths, which is the regional supermarket. With a Booths Card, you can receive a free coffee or tea every day without having to make a purchase.


At the Welsh/Midlands homeware store Privilege card members receive a free coffee or tea Mondays to Fridays.

John Lewis

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Dog Blogs || Shopping for dogs

rescue dogs 2 dog

This was something that was written a while ago when Diesel was still with us. I had been going back and forth about changing it and taking Deisel out. But he was here when I wrote it and only died a few months later. I have decided to keep him because he was part of my family.

I’ve included links to Amazon in case you want to get any of this stuff for your doggies. They are affiliate links and I earn a bit of cash if you choose to buy through these links. Also, in the interest of total disclosure, the review is not of Amazon. These items were originally sent to me as part of a subscription service that I paid for. The company has since went under and I lost a bit of money as I had paid for the year in advance. But rather than leave the name of the company in, I’ve changed it to Amazon because you can get most of the items on there. Thanks for understanding. Happy reading and shopping.

Hello humans! We are Buffy the Black Lab, Krypto the Husky, and Diesel the Staffie, a merry band of doggy’s that live with our human, Lindsay. Every day little parcels arrive at our home from the evil postman (GRRRR!) but one day he showed up with a box for us from Amazon Pets.

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Send me flowers || Bloom Magic

When it comes to certain things in life, nothing beats a bunch of flowers. When I think of all the birthdays and occasions that have been made extra special with a fresh bouquet, it just makes me want a bunch. But trying to find a decent place to get a bouquet for that special someone can be tough these days. This is especially true when supermarkets are flogging a bunch of blooms for pennies. But fear not! There is an answer to your flower problems in Ireland from Bloom Magic.

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