Latte Lindsay is a PR friendly site and we welcome anyone who would be brave enough to work with us.

We offer impartial feedback and reviews for a variety of products and services. We understand that your product is your business and you want it to receive rave reviews. But, we are not the type of site where positive feedback can be bought.

When Lindsay isn’t on here, she can be found freelancing for other sites. If you would like in on a bit of the action and have Lindsay write for you, she can be contacted for her rates through the amazing world of email-

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Due to the number of spam comments that keep appearing from various companies, we have decided to charge £10 for every spam comment that we have to remove. If your company has the time to spam bloggers with thousands of comments in a day, you had better have the cash that we will charge you for having to remove them all. We don’t have time to sit and remove thousands of spam comments a day. It’s a waste of our time. Do not spam our comment section with your products, websites, coupons or whatever it is you are flogging.