Apps That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier

Apps That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier

These days nearly everyone has a smartphone but are you getting the best use out of it? Apps have been made to help you waste time and have fun. But did you know that there are apps that could make your life easier? Here are some apps that are guaranteed to make your day go smoother and your life easier.

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Super baby edition || Kids Empties from the Bathroom || 2017

Kids Empties

I’ve gotten myself a little confused recently with all of the different products in my house. Have I reviewed this? Have I talked about this yet? This is the kid’s edition so you will find plenty of stuff to use on your little ones.

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Monthly Favourites || July 2017

monthly favourites

My Monthly Favourites had been placed on the back-burner recently as I was trying to get a bit more organised. But we have a lot of beautiful things this month. So sit back, relax and prepare yourself for my latest edition of Monthly Favourites.

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Micro Cooking || The new wave of cooking

microwave cooking

Cooking is hard. I have never said that I was a great cook. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to the kitchen. But could it be easier? And can a microwave make cuisine?

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Top 10 Kitchen Hacks

kitchen hacks

Kitchen hacks have become a way of life. But, you know all those kitchen hacks where you’re like, “Oh cool! Now I can turn my mushrooms into piñatas… What’s that going to achieve?” Yeah, well this isn’t one of those. I’ve put together 10 kitchen hacks that are actually useful, especially if you’re trying to lead a healthier life. Well, most of them are healthier. Some of them involve ice cream and cake, but we can’t sacrifice all the good stuff all of the time… Riiiight?

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My Perfect Glasses || Sunglasses

glasses sunglasses

Glasses are pretty popular in the UK. It’s estimated that around 70% of the UK population wears glasses and I am one of them. And if like me, you wear your glasses every day, you need to find the perfect pair for you.

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The Zamcog £2 challenge

£2 challenge

Raising money for charity is one of those things that I love. So when I heard about the Zamcog £2 challenge I had to take part. Challenge accepted!

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This is random || Favourites || February 2017


February is one of those months that I hate. It’s too short, it sneaks up on you just after January, and sometimes it throws an extra day on the end to confuse you. But nevermind my mini rant for a mini month, here are my monthly favourites.

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Dog Blogs || Shopping for dogs

rescue dogs 2 dog

This was something that was written a while ago when Diesel was still with us. I had been going back and forth about changing it and taking Deisel out. But he was here when I wrote it and only died a few months later. I have decided to keep him because he was part of my family.

I’ve included links to Amazon in case you want to get any of this stuff for your doggies. They are affiliate links and I earn a bit of cash if you choose to buy through these links. Also, in the interest of total disclosure, the review is not of Amazon. These items were originally sent to me as part of a subscription service that I paid for. The company has since went under and I lost a bit of money as I had paid for the year in advance. But rather than leave the name of the company in, I’ve changed it to Amazon because you can get most of the items on there. Thanks for understanding. Happy reading and shopping.

Hello humans! We are Buffy the Black Lab, Krypto the Husky, and Diesel the Staffie, a merry band of doggy’s that live with our human, Lindsay. Every day little parcels arrive at our home from the evil postman (GRRRR!) but one day he showed up with a box for us from Amazon Pets.

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Mega Edition || Empties from the Bathroom || January 2017 || Part 2


It’s not often that I have to spread Empties from the Bathroom over two posts, but here we are. The month of January (and the months that I missed) have forced me to spread this over two posts. So, I would like to present part 2 of this amazing list of products that you didn’t know that you needed.

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