Child maintenance || Will it ever get settled?

Child maintenance

I’m pretty cross right now. I have spent the best part of six years trying to get my ex-partner to pay his child support. And nobody is doing anything to help.  After a having a search online as to what to do, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. Hell hath no fury like a woman who is owed money!

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Breastfeeding sucks

breastfeeding sucks

I have no idea how the conversation went from books and plane tickets to breastfeeding in the office one day, but it did. Back when I worked for a different site, I was the only parent there so everyone used to ask me weird parenting questions.

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Dermot Murphy Photography || In Review

Dermot Murphy Photography Belfast

Professional family photography is something which has fallen to the wayside the last few years. But Dermot Murphy Photography in Belfast is determined to change how you think about getting the family snapped together.

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Super baby edition || Kids Empties from the Bathroom || 2017

Kids Empties

I’ve gotten myself a little confused recently with all of the different products in my house. Have I reviewed this? Have I talked about this yet? This is the kid’s edition so you will find plenty of stuff to use on your little ones.

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The Zamcog £2 challenge

£2 challenge

Raising money for charity is one of those things that I love. So when I heard about the Zamcog £2 challenge I had to take part. Challenge accepted!

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Appy Christmas Everyone || Kids App

Appy Christmas

Christmas time is a time for giving and Santa…..unless you do last minute shopping. Let me *present* you with an app for kids this Christmas.

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Kids Empties from the Bathroom || July 2016

kids empties

Keeping your kids clean is one of those jobs that can be tough. Even the cleanest of parents can quickly find their bundle of joy a stinky mess. Never fear! The cosmetic companies of the world hear your battle cry against strange smells and stains. So, without any further holdups, here is empties from the bathroom, the kids edition.

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How not to lose weight

Everyone at some point has thought about losing weight but for me it’s never about losing weight. It’s about being healthy. So when me and the rest of my brood were struck down with a stomach bug, I was pretty annoyed about being ill.

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An open letter to David Cameron and Nick Clegg

I was so excited to hear that you are taking such a pro-active approach to fix “Broken Britain”, especially seeing as you want to make children spend time with their absent parents. I wish you could hear the sarcasm in voice because that is by far the stupidest idea I have ever heard. Let me explain the harsh simple truth behind this problem- most of these “absent parents” are absent for a reason, because their kids don’t want to see them. For most people it has nothing to do with denying access, sure it happens, but if you ask most of these children why they don’t see the other parent, it boils down to not wanting to see them. And now you want to force children like my daughter to spend “quality time” with someone they hate. Nice one.

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Just Say YES!

I had a shocking thought last week about how I say NO to everything. I say no to my kids, my partner, myself. I was driving along when my three year old starting asking me for juice.

“Juice mummy! I need juice!”

“No, you don’t need juice and mummy is driving.”

Wait, what? Did I just tell a three year old that they aren’t thirsty? How the hell would I know? I’m not him, he is the only one who knows that he is thirsty. So how dare I tell him that he wasn’t thirsty!

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