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We were having a chat in the meeting the other day when I felt the need to apologise for not wearing any makeup. I don’t know why. Maybe it was to do with image. I am the beauty gal after all and I really should be groomed to perfection every day, shouldn’t I? Even if you feel the need to forget the makeup for a day, you can still look good and feel great.

As normal, I have parted with my hard earned cash to buy these products (but one was a freebie). I have included links to some sites that we like (and trust) if you are interested in trying them for yourself. If you choose to try and buy, the site earns a tiny bit of commission to help keep us in coffee and slow cars.

Garnier Body Repair Balm

Garnier (Pack of 2) Body Repair Balm 200ml

In the past I have that Garnier products have not agreed with me. They have been too thick, haven’t absorbed into my skin properly and have left me feeling tacky for hours. Or my personal favourite, while rubbing it on it rolls into little worms of cream….yummy! But that all happened around 8 years ago and I am happy to say that the formula to this balm has changed. It was still thick but I didn’t have any problems rubbing it into my skin. This is a great daily moisturiser if you have dry skin. This will probably be a big winner with me over the winter months when the North Wind starts to blow.

Ciate Nail polish

Ciate Dolls House Collection

I love these dinky little bottles of nail polish! There once was a time you could only buy massive bottles of the stuff and by the time you got to the bottom (or just halfway down) you needed to scoop it out with a spoon. The size of these bottles means that you won’t have to throw away a half full bottle of polish. Ok, maybe it is just me who is excited by that, but it is true. The ones pictured are just a small collection that I have gotten recently. Trust me, the amount of nail varnish I have is terrifying!

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel11696894_10152995544696593_894198163_n

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel Anti-Ageing 50ml

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but I like a nice face mask when I have a bath. Once a week, Sunday night, it’s time for bubbles and a beer! And if I have a face mask that will help to stop the laughter lines spreading then that makes me relax even more. I was surprised that this actually smelt like papaya. I know it says papaya on it but the packaging threw me to thinking it would have a chemical smell. After I used it my skin looked clear and fresh, perfect for removing all the dirt and stress of the week. It also had a nice thick texture so it didn’t run down my face and dribble into my beer. Result!

The Organic Pharmacy

The Organic Pharmacy Discovery/Travel kit

I got my hands on this little kit as a freebie with something a while ago but WOW! First of all, if you check these products out on Amazon, they are pretty pricey. I have included a link to a slightly different travel kit by the same company above. But, why am I reviewing something that I picked up randomly? Because I was so impressed by the quality, the smell, and with how good they looked in my bathroom. This is one of those times that you get what you pay for. Will I actually buy the products or anything else from the range? Absolutely. And I’ll probably review the products and rave about them on here again.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner

Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner Set The Sleek Restorer with Coconut Oil & Cocoa butter 400 ml (Pack of two)

I love the smell of cocoa butter so when I saw this I couldn’t get over myself! This set has been blended with Britain in mind. You know, the 30 seconds of heat followed by 3 days of rain. The true test of this stuff would be keeping my hair frizz-free without the need for other products. I don’t like heat styling my hair in the summer and prefer to let it air dry. I have to say, it did the job. There was no frizz in my hair and it allowed the curls (that I only have at the back of my head) to sit nicely. For what it does, without the need for other products, it’s a bargain.

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