The Beauty Edit: Something Old, Something New

I might not look it from my photos but I am nearly 31 years old. Well, I hope I don’t look it anyway. I might be passed my prime to some people but seeing as I remember the 90’s (I was there after all) I thought I would share a couple of different products that we used back in the day. There are some new ones in there too because I can.

I have parted with my cold hard cash for this products and I have provided you with links to websites that I trust if you want to have a go with them yourself. If you choose to click through on these links and buy something, you will be helping the site with a small commission. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Cussons Pure Shower Gel

Cussons Pure Shower Gel Wild Fruit Burst

I love the smell of a fruity shower gel. It takes me back to when I was a teenager and I started buying my own stuff. Random fact, my first job ever was selling thermal underwear to farmers on a market stall on a Saturday. True story. Anyway, flogging thermal undies at the tender age of 13 years meant that I could buy my own smelly stuff. No more sharing the family soap, this chick was moving up in the world! This shower has that smell that takes me back to being a teenager when I felt like a million quid for buying my own stuff. Glorious times!

So..? Body Spray


Another smell from the 90’s is the half tin of body spray that you used at lunchtime. This stuff is pretty hard to get your hands on (which is why I have included a link for the mini So..? collection). It was either this or Impulse o2 that we drenched ourselves in. Remember those green tins of Impulse 90’s girls? Yep, thought so. We were kind of like cats, spraying ourselves down to mark our territory. Or the smell wafting across the hall from the boys toilets was so awful it was necessary to spray unless you wanted to vomit too.

Keratin Oil

Organix Keratin Oil Intense Repair Healing Oil 120 ml

Ok, this is not a 90’s throwback but I’m sure we would have loved this! In school, a lot of my friends wore their hair up in tight ponytails which had to be super smooth. I use this now as a styling treatment but I do still wear my hair up in a tight ponytail from time to time. This is great for smoothing away those frizzy bits that would otherwise make your hair look messy. Plus it smells good too. 90’s me would be all over this because frankly, I was terrible at getting that sleek look that the other girls had.

Imperial Leather Talc

Imperial Leather 300g Original Talcum Powder

This is another one of those random finds of mine. I love talc. I know it’s not the most popular thing at the minute but just hear me out. During the summer when it was boiling I loved throwing some talc over me. And in the winter, when I get out of the bath, I will enjoy it even more. It might not be the most moisturising thing for your skin but it doesn’t freeze the butt off you when apply it. Maybe it has more to do with memories but I love it.

Malin + Goetz Mini Kit

MALIN+GOETZ Travel Kit Essential

Ok, I admit it, this set is a freebie that I received with a magazine. I have mentioned in the past that I am a nutter for a beauty freebie. Anywho, I thought I would pop these on here too because I was so impressed with them. For one, the face wash actually removed all of my makeup. I wiped my face with cleanser afterwards and the cotton ball was as clean as a cat’s bum. That’s “very clean” for those of you who haven’t gazed at a cat’s anus recently. That in itself was reason enough for me to include this in my picks. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact match for you guys to try but I did find a travel kit with a heap of goodies.


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