The Mega Edition || Empties from the Bathroom || January 2017 || Part 1


On the run up to Christmas, everyone gets a bit frantic trying to get organised. And in the chaos that was Christmas, new baby, and generally trying to get my life together, I didn’t get a chance to post as normal. My regular features had been forgotten. But it’s a new year and I’m getting myself sorted. So here is a super-massive edition of Empties from the Bathroom.

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Empties from the bathroom- March 2016


In the wonderful world that we live in, there are many different ways to get the low down on the stuff that lives in the bathroom. And while it is wonderful that there are loads of people reviewing beauty products for us, I have decided to take a different approach, I’m going to show you guys my rubbish. Sure, this might seem like a strange way to tell you about beauty products but it’s a unique way at least. The idea is, I use the products up completely and then tell you about the empties. Continue reading Empties from the bathroom- March 2016

The Beauty Edit: Something Old, Something New

I might not look it from my photos but I am nearly 31 years old. Well, I hope I don’t look it anyway. I might be passed my prime to some people but seeing as I remember the 90’s (I was there after all) I thought I would share a couple of different products that we used back in the day. There are some new ones in there too because I can.

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Can you smell that?

Recently I have been plagued with smelly people. You know the ones I’m talking about. They stand next to you in a shop, or sit near you on the bus, and the whiff of their bodies brings tears to your eyes. It used to be that if you smelt like that, you were very poor and couldn’t afford to wash on a regular basis. But in modern society it still happens and I have to ask, why have these people stopped washing?

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Would you like that gift wrapped?

Children are expensive little items to say the least but this becomes more obvious at Christmas time. It’s not just buying your children gifts, you have to start buying their friends as well. My daughter has made friends with a few girls in her class and last night I found myself running out in the wind and rain for some late night shopping for a bunch of pre-teens that I’ve never meet. The end result was a shower gel set each which I’m sure they will probably hate. In a way I don’t mind doing this, to be honest I’m just glad my daughter made friends, but it was the expectations of my daughter that were the problem. I have never meet these girls but my daughter wanted me to spend a small fortune on stuff. Earrings, phone covers, sweets, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Christmas is not the only time. From children start to socialise and make friends, your money will start to bleed from your purse like it’s been attacked, repeatly. Birthdays are a horrible one when every parent seems to compete to get the birthday boy/girl the best gift. And most of the time, what is handed over is crap that said child will never use. It’s a sad truth that your hard earned money will go down the toilet on presents that no-one wants but in these situations you can’t not buy a gift. And it always has to be something “fun”. No child wants clothes from their friends, money as a gift screams “this parent has no time/imagination”, and useful things are not an option. But why not? There is a scene in Mermaids, the classic 80’s movie with Cher, when she hands out toothpaste and toothbrushes instead of sweets at Halloween, what an awesome idea! Why can’t we all give kids useful presents? I’m not saying that I should have gotten my daughters friends a box of tampons each….or maybe I should have? Let’s face it, getting that for Christmas would always stick in their minds.

In the end, I talked my daughter round to seeing things my way, which was “my money, I choose”. Like I said, I don’t mind buying a small gift for each if her friends but I refuse to buy them something expensive at every birthday and holiday. That’s just not happening. For now, she’s happy enough with what I picked out but you would be too if I had threatened you with a box of tampons as a Christmas present too.

Beauty on a budget | How to with budget beauty

budget beauty

When it comes to our appearance, everyone likes to look good. But is it necessary to spend a fortune on beauty products to get the look we want? Seeing as I was trying to update my look, I thought I would give some of the products from the Pound Shop a try. I was time to see if budget beauty could be a good look for me.

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