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When it comes to our appearance, everyone likes to look good. But is it necessary to spend a fortune on beauty products to get the look we want? Seeing as I was trying to update my look, I thought I would give some of the products from the Pound Shop a try. I was time to see if budget beauty could be a good look for me.

I was surprised by the selection of goodies that were available for just a pound each, but are they any good? I decided to start with the Creightons “Squeeky Clean” range of products to break me into a new beauty routine. The pink packaging was nice and girly. The vintage inspired picture was on most of the products but it reminded me too much of Soap and Glory products. Which was probably the point.

Creightons Squeeky Clean

Just some of the range

Not wanting to miss anything, I choose to get one of everything that the shop had in stock. Shower gel, body lotion, face scrub, face moisturiser, and face mask. Not too bad, five items for a fiver. There are other items in the range but this was all that the shop had in stock at the time. But the question is, will they work? Can these cheap items hold their own against the more expensive brands? I once got a sample of a Gucci Foundation which retails at £50 a bottle and I swear, I looked like my face had been photoshopped. It was that good. So, with this in mind, I don’t have a great deal of faith in these products. That might seem unfair but I was prepared to give them a fair chance in the hope that I would find some amazing new thing that only cost me a pound.

First up was the face mask. The instructions said to apply to your face and leave for ten minutes before washing it off. Easy enough then. But after 2 minutes of applying this white gloop to my face, it started to burn. Not “Oh, my pores are getting a good clear out” tingle, more like an “OH GOD! IT BURNS! IT BURNS!” sort of feeling. Now, keep in mind that I don’t have sensitive skin. But I couldn’t even last 5 minutes with it on me before I was dunking my face in the sink to remove it. It felt so bad I was worried that I was burnt down to my bare skull. Luck was on my side as my face wasn’t left too red. A couple of shades darker and I could have been confused for someone who just received an acid face peel.

Squeeky clean face care

Isn’t that just so sexy? Actually, don’t answer that….

I jumped into the shower to make sure my face was completely clear of the face mask/acid plaster and decided to try out the shower gel. This stuff wasn’t too bad. It had a nice lather and I felt clean afterwards, but the scent wasn’t very strong and didn’t last. The same could be said for the body moisturiser. The scent was barely noticeable but it did leave my skin feeling soft. Both these bottles were good sized so you get plenty of product for your pound.

I left it a few days before I dared try the face cream and scrub. I did not want to risk burning my face off completely after the face mask. The scrub was very rough and the grains felt too big for a face scrub, so I used it on my knees instead where it worked a treat. The face moisturiser was just as good as the body moisturiser. My skin was left soft and it dried in quickly. I was able to move on to my makeup without having to wait about all day for tackiness to fade. The lack of smell meant my hubby-to-be was happy to use it on his own face after shaving.

All in all, these products were very hit and miss. I hated the face mask and the face scrub but the shower gel, body moisturiser and face cream get top marks. They aren’t fancy and there is no skin tightening or youth reclaiming magic in them. They do the job as basic products and wouldn’t look out of place in any girls bathroom.

Fancy trying any of these products out for yourself? I wasn’t able to find any for a pound but here are some links to my partners at Amazon. If you choose to click on these links and buy something, then the site gets a small commission.

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