Glossy Box Unboxing || Vegan Limited Edition Box 2018

Glossy Box Unboxing || Vegan Limited Edition Box 2018

In a world that is searching for ways to be kinder to the Earth, going vegan is high on some peoples list. But why go vegan when bacon is so tasty? Well, even if you were to be vegan 50% of the time you would reduce your carbon footprint, you would eat fewer animals, and bunnies wouldn’t be forced to test out that lipstick. And, if this type of lifestyle intrigues you, the best place to start is with your beauty products.

So with this in mind, Glossy Box has put together a limited edition vegan box to help you explore the world of vegan beauty. Inside, there are 10 products for you to test and 7 of those are full size!

Kat Von D || Tattoo Liner

Glossy Box Unboxing || Vegan Limited Edition Box 2018 Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Kat Von D has gone from tattooist to beauty and fashion icon in the last 10 years. Kats entire line has been formulated to be vegan-friendly and the tattoo liner has been a favourite of everyone’s, it has even won a Stylist award for the best liquid liner. The liner gives precise lines that don’t shift for a highly pigmented look for up to 24 hours.

Pure Chimp || Matcha Tea

Glossy Box Unboxing || Vegan Limited Edition Box 2018 pure chimp matcha tea

Matcha is one of those things that you didn’t think that you needed in your life. I am a long-time lover of matcha, my local coffee shop was once the only place to get it. But now you can make it in your own home. You can mix matcha with hot water to make a tea, hot milk, or just throw a teaspoon in with your smoothies.

Noughty Haircare || Noughty To The Rescue Anti-Frizz Serum

Glossy Box Unboxing || Vegan Limited Edition Box 2018 Noughty to the rescue anti frizz serum

Who wants some natural hair care products? Of course you do! Noughty is 97% natural, paraben free, petrochemical free, silicone free, sulphate free, and can protect your hair from temperatures up to 220 degrees when you are heat styling.  That is a lot from a little pink bottle.

So Eco || Eye Shading Brush

Glossy Box Unboxing || Vegan Limited Edition Box 2018 so eco eye shading brush

With all of the plastic in the oceans, it’s not surprising that we need to consider changing our make-up brushes. This brush has been designed to apply both liquid and powder eyeshadows. Plus it is made from sustainable bamboo, recycled aluminium and cruelty-free bristles. What more could you want from a brush?

Tropic Skincare || Lip Fudge Plumping Lip Conditioner in Rosewood

Glossy Box Unboxing || Vegan Limited Edition Box 2018 tropic skincare lip fudge plumping lip conditioner in rosewood

What could be better on your lips than some lip fudge? It’s just as tasty but without the empty calories. This lip conditioner has 26 plant extracts that are designed to smooth fine lines and plump up your pout. The best part about this is there are no harmful chemicals and is 100% naturally derived.

Maria Nila || Head and Hair Heal Masque

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If you know me well, you will know that I put my hair through hell. Between the bleaching and the heat styling, I really do abuse my hair. But, this hair masque is a multifunctional miracle worker that can restore your hair and scalp. It even claims that it stimulates new hair growth which is definitely welcome, especially if it can grow back blue.

Dr Organic || Vitamin E Super Hydrating Cream

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Do not be deceived by this cream, it is not just for your face. It can be used all over your body! Packed with antioxidants and a complete multi-tasker, it works on stretch marks and mature skin. Plus it is paraben, silicone, and fragrance-free. This cream is perfect for using before applying makeup because it is quick absorbing and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky.

Tints of Nature || Hydrate Shampoo

Glossy Box Unboxing || Vegan Limited Edition Box 2018 tints of nature hydrate shampoo

I honestly wish that they had sent out a full-size bottle of this stuff for two reasons. One, I have very long hair and use a lot of shampoo for one wash. Two, it was a really good shampoo and I wanted more of it! I tested this when my hair was freshly dyed and it was great for keeping the colour fresh and bright.

Weleda || Birch Cellulite Oil

Glossy Box Unboxing || Vegan Limited Edition Box 2018 weleda birch cellulite oil

When it comes to cellulite banishment, it’s hard to find a treatment that isn’t packed with chemicals. This is a naturally fragranced oil that is packed with plant oils, jojoba and wheat germ. The advice from the Glossy team is to use it twice a day for 4 weeks and massage into your hips, thighs and bum to help smooth your skin.

Original Source || Lemon and Lime Foaming Shower Gel

Glossy Box Unboxing || Vegan Limited Edition Box 2018 original source lemon and lime foaming shower gel

I am a massive fan of Original Source and regularly feature my favourite smells in Empties From the Bathroom, so when they decided to launch this, I think I died and gone to heaven! This is super citrus blast in the shower in the morning so it’s great to help wake you up. And one bottle can last up to 35 washes, so depending on how much you wash, you can get a whole month out of this one bottle.

Fancy getting in on this action? Click my refer a friend link and you can sign up to Glossy Box too.

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