6 terrifying paranormal stories that can never been explained

6 terrifying paranormal stories that can never been explained

Science likes to think it can explain everything but there are some things it just can’t explain. Like what happens when you die? Is there a soul, a heaven and a hell? Until the paranormal becomes normal, we will keep asking these questions. But if these photos are anything to go by, then we will all be popping up in photos to scare people for years to come.

I’ve left links in this post to other sites where you can find the pictures and some more information about what happened. Hey, this might be the internet but there are rules and you can’t go stealing other people photos like that, m’kay? But if you want some more paranormal fun, check out my own adventure here

The Ghost Baby

When Mrs Andrews visited the grave of her daughter who had died at 17 years old, she took a photo and was shocked to see a baby was sitting at the graveside. She claimed that there was no-one else there and that it wasn’t her daughter as a child. So who was it then?

Baby by the grave

Grandad ghost

When a woman took a photo of her grandmother during a picnic she did not expect to see her grandfather there too. Her grandfather had passed after a few years before, and it was only after her grandmother had passed away that anyone realised who was in the background.

Grandad Ghost

The monk

When a minister took a picture of the alter in his church, the last thing he expected to see was this! It is believed to be a monk but there are records of monks ever being in the church. The creepy picture has never been explained.

The Monk

The Brown Lady

This is believed to be a picture of a ghost that haunts Raynham Hall in England. It is said that the ghost is of Lady Dorothy Walpole. The first sighting appeared nearly 100 years after her death. People believe she is still trapped there because of her husband’s violent temper.

Brown Lady

The King came to visit

Hampton Court in England is believed to be one of the top haunted locations in the country. There have been reports of Henry VIII’s wives roaming the halls. One night on CCTV the security guards saw a ghost on camera, doesn’t it look just like old Henry himself?

The King

The Staircase Ghost

This is not the only photo that has been taken at the National Museum in Greenwich that has a ghostly figure on it. This one was taken by a minister who was touring the museum and it has an unknown figure in it. Footsteps can often be heard around the staircase too.

Staircase Ghost

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