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Pinterest Pin Batman Make-up

If you look at some people’s Pinterest pages it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that everyone else is living a glamour filled life with easy beauty. I am one of those people that pins things to try out later, so today I tried my mitts at Batman make-up. It looks cool but is it easy to do?

Ok, my attempt is a far cry from what is actually in the Batman picture. I didn’t have yellow eyeshadow so I used blue. This made it Nightwing eyes instead of the Batman design. But the process was pretty much the same, or so I hope!

Miss Sporty eyeliner makeup

I started by taking a white eye shadow from my True Colour Smokey Eyes palette by Avon. I dabbed the white under my eyebrows and a little bit at the corner of my eyes.

For the next step, I took my 17 by Boots Midnight Jewel Heist Eye Palette. I used the blue eyeshadow to cover my eyelids and under the rim of my lower lashes. This palette was actually a freebie when I got my foundation recently, what’s not to love about that!

Next came the tricky part, drawing with eyeliner. I drew around my eyelids and then under my eyebrow. My eyelids are quite droopy despite only being 30. So I had to aim above the lid to avoid losing the line of eyeliner when I opened my eyes. For this I used a liquid liner by Miss Sporty. This takes a steady hand, so don’t rush it. I filled the batwings in and popped some 17 by Boots Superlash mascara on my lashes, and ta-da! A (kind of) decent Nightwing design for the eyes.

What I will say is this, use better makeup if you are attempting something like this. The Miss Sporty eyeliner was flaky and didn’t give me the coverage that I needed to pull this off. When I attempted to blend the eyeliner with some black shadow from the Smokey Eyes palette, the eyeliner rubbed off and the black was non-existent. I ended up re-doing the eyeliner leaving me with the defined line under my brow rather than the smudged and blended look in the Batman picture. The white eyeshadow, despite putting on as much as possible, was patchy and didn’t cover well. The blue 17 eyeshadow went on like a dream, and the Superlash mascara made my eyelashes look nice and long.

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