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fitness wishes and intentions

When I went to bed last night I knew what I had planned for today, and I had such good intentions. But as soon as my feet hit the floor this morning the day started to go badly. Wait, forget that, the day started badly before I has even opened my eyes because I had over slept….by two hours! Not a great start but I was still determined that I would achieve my goals.

By 11:30am I was still nowhere near ready to do anything. I may have been showered and dressed but was the height of it. Let me paint you a picture, at 11:30am I was running after a three-year-old boy who was half-naked after stripping himself. He was also trying to spit at the walls after licking his big sisters deodorant stick. I, had one sock on and two wax strips on my upper lip in a bid to remove my man-tashe when the postman knocked the door. He was attempting to ask me to take a parcel for next door. The sight of me crazy-eyed with a white paper lip decoration was enough to remove him from the front door. He then returned said parcel to the depo. Yes, it has all went badly today.

What I had planned to do was get up, walk the dogs and do a little workout before anyone else was awake. I would be showered and lovely, all before 8am. So what went wrong? Apart from me sleeping in, not walking the dogs is a big thing in my house because I am stupid enough to own a husky. This breed needs to be walked for miles, and miles, and miles. I think it’s supposed to be 15 miles twice a day. Not a chance. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just hard to balance children and walking him that much. The husky is a sledging dog and pulls as soon as the harness goes on him. Attaching the lead to the buggy is not an option, trust me I tried it before, it won’t work. Then an idea occurred. What if I could make something, a trike with an attachment to hook the dogs onto. I could stick the toddler on a seat, I peddle and the dogs run along with me? Yes, that is a plan. Then I found this…..

It’s big, it’s yellow, it’s amazing. Ladies and gents, this is a rickshaw peddle cab. Isn’t it the most awesome thing ever? Don’t worry, I have no intention of starting my own taxi business with it. No, I have a fitness/time management idea. The plan is to get this company to modify it with and seatbelt on the backseat for the toddler to sit safely, a rigid pole on the front so the dogs can be attached so they can run along rather than pull, and maybe make the cover blue. What? I like blue. There are pedals so I can exercise. I can work my fat thighs and get those buns of steel I have always wanted. But wait! There are lights, indicators, and bloody powerful brakes! The dogs get out, I get exercise, and the three-year-old has the time of his life riding on mummy’s special bike, result! I love it!

The downside to this is the price and the 3-month waiting list for one. Keep your eyes peeled, at some point you will see me scooting about in this bad boy.

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