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Being financially backwards seems to be the latest craze. I’m sure I’m not alone when I look at my bank balance and wonder where my money has gone. But frankly it has gone beyond a joke recently. I don’t think I’m wasteful with my money, so what happens to it? I have a budget which I have to stick to. I work as much as I physically can. And yet there appears to be little gremlins living in the bank that eat my hard earned pennies on me.

So what gives? Why am I financially backwards? Surely someone who works four jobs deserves a bit of financial freedom, yet here I am, weeping and maybe being a bit melodramatic over yet another bill. I’ll be honest folks, I’m getting cross about this and it’s mainly due to the fact that I’m trying to be smart with my money and getting nowhere fast. It’s not like I’m running about buying diamonds and sports car here!

In my desperation to boost my bank booty, I done what I always do, looked online for rich people. No, not like that! I merely wanted to see how rich people get rich and one of the most shocking things came to light. They are rich because they asked for money!

*Gasp* Yes, if that is true then rich people are only rich because they asked for it. They ask for investments in their projects or company. They ask others to help out and get involved with the things they are doing. They asked for the job and the pay rise. They ask. It’s a simple concept really but would it work for a simple person such as myself? A lot of people who ask (and get) must have some amazing thingy going on that knocks the socks off everyone within a five-mile radius. I am not one of those people.

I was about to give up all hope of having a healthy bank account when I found an interesting story about a man who went on Youtube and asked for someone to give him a million dollars for no other reason than he wanted to be a millionaire. And if his story is true, then someone gave him the money. At the risk of sounding like a brat, that’s not fair!

All of this got me thinking, why don’t we ask? I’m not saying we should all stick a YouTube video up asking for handouts but why don’t we ask for something? Ask for that pay rise, ask for a grant, ask for help. Today I will start looking into my options and asking. Because if you don’t ask, how is anyone supposed to know that you need something? If there are any millionaires reading this who want to send me a very large cheque with lots of zeros (preferably with a prime number at the beginning), please feel free to do so. Failing that, at the end of the month I may have to stick one of my kidneys up for sale on eBay to make the rent.

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