An intro || A year to make a million

An Intro || A year to make a million

For the first time in ages, I feel calm. It’s not because I meditate or some new health fad. I feel calm because I have finally made a decision with my finances and I’m working on earning my first million quid.

When I started this journey, I had a few goals in mind. First thing, I wanted to write. I wanted to use that lump of tissue that is between my ears to make something. I wanted to use words to express myself, inspire others. Hell! I had hoped that I could create amazing articles that would help make the world a better place.

Second, I wanted to work for myself. It’s not that I have an aversion to working or want to live on hand-outs. I hate having a boss. I’ve had enough dead-end jobs. I have been forced to work with a mini-Hitler more than once. the thought of trailing my ass to a building, away from my kids, to listen to someone with a superiority complex bitch in my ear. No. I’d rather not.

Third, and this ties into the previous points, I wanted freedom. I wanted to set my own hours. I wanted to write what I wanted to write. I wanted to have unlimited earning potential. I wanted to spend my days with my kids and my evenings doing some writing. I wanted so little. Or so I thought.

The problem with everything I have said so far is that I had a dream. I had a vision of how it would go. It would be hard to begin with. I was unheard of but I would work hard and find my feet in the writing world. I would work hard. Build my site. Build my brand. Write my novels. Spend time with my kids. It was a dream that I hoped would work out.

Heres the rub, I have been doing this for a while now, and while I am making money, it isn’t as much as I would like. Especially as I keep seeing other bloggers posting about what they are earning. I’ve only been blogging for a month and I’ve made $6,000!” or “I’m away to buy a new Range Rover with my blogging income!” OMG. LOL. YOLO. YMCA.

I am not begrudging these people their money. They have worked hard and have earnt every penny. Or did they? There have been plenty of times I have wondered if they are telling little porky pies. It seems impossible to me that someone could make that much money in less than six months of being a blogger.

So I have made a choice. As of the 1st of January, I’ve cleared the deck. I’m going to work and learn as much as I can about running a blog. And every week I will share what I have learnt and any income. This could go one of two ways. I could spend a year fine-tuning my craft but fall flat on my face and have no money from it. Or, I could get really lucky two weeks and have my first million in the bank by the end of January. I’m really hoping for option two. That way I can share the secrets of being a billionaire blogger instead. And let’s face it, billionaire blogger has a better ring to it.

What do you guys think? Am I mad? Stupid? Or a mixture of both? But hey! there is no harm in trying, eh? Drop your hints and thoughts below. Do you think that the other bloggers are facking it until they make it? And what do you think my chances are of making a million quid with this site before 2018 is finished?

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