I lived like Olivia Pope for a week

I lived like Olivia Pope for a week

Have you ever looked at a TV or movie character and thought it must be awesome to be them? Me too, but is it everything it is cracked up to be? For one week, I channelled my inner Olivia Pope and became a gladiator in a suit.

Who is Olivia Pope?

For those of you who don’t know, Olivia Pope is the main character in the TV show Scandal. Olivia is a crisis manager who helps the rich and powerful handle their scandals. She has been a lawyer, communications director at The White House, and Command of a secret government spy organisation. The woman is busy! Her favourite things are the finer things in life, including wine. She is highly educated, well dressed, and not a woman that you want to cross.

Day One

I’m going to start out by saying, I’m at a massive disadvantage here. I can barely spell at the best of times so we can cross the “highly educated” part of the bio out. But, there is always a chance to learn. I decided the point of the week will be to “handle my scandals”, whatever they are. I need to fix things. I spend the day trying to clear up the house and organise myself for the week with dresses and dressy clothes for the week. Unfortunately, it is the middle of winter and I have no winter dressy stuff.

Day Two

I was sitting getting some work organised when I had a thought. The reason people go to Olivia Pope for help is that she fixes the problems that people can’t get their heads around. She has her experience as a lawyer to help her make the right choice. I have a couple of “big problems” that need to be fixed. For one, there is my child support issue, I haven’t received child support in several years for my eldest daughter. The last time I checked, I was owed around £20,000 and that was in 2016. Time to do some research.

I lived like Olivia Pope for a week. I scrub up well but look nothing like her style wise.
I scrub up well but lack her style

Day Three

Tragedy struck my house in the form of the common cold. I was blocked up, the nose was running, and the snow was nearly a foot deep outside. All I could do was sit in the house and try to stay warm. I emailed some people about some loose ends that needed to be tidied up. The kids couldn’t get to school and I was not driving in that weather. People scare me with their driving at the best of times, I wasn’t risking an accident.

Day Four

Being a Gladiator in a Suit is about looking after yourself, so I got my eyes tested. I decided to invest in a couple of pairs with special coatings to help protect my eyes. I even took the kids to get tested (one needed new glasses, the other didn’t). The emails that I had sent yesterday had been replied to so I was able to get some bits and pieces finished off. Once these were dealt with, I felt a lot better as they were little niggles that were weighing me down.

Day Five

I was still in the middle of dealing with my cold so spend the day adding new code and tech stuff to the site. It is this sort of stuff that time consuming but needs to be taken care of. I think one of the things about being a gladiator in a suit is dealing with the small stuff too. It’s this stuff, those fine or small details that can make or break a plan.

Day Six

I spent the day getting work sorted out and had plenty done. I have a section called Social Sundays on here. It’s for other bloggers to post stuff and get backlinks. The problem is I don’t get a post for every week. I decided to create the Big Quiz for bloggers and celebrities to fill out so they can be featured. And yes, I said celebrities, I know a few who would find it fun.

Day Seven

The last day of my experiment was an interesting one. Not only did I realise that I was more organised, but I was more confident about handling my problems. Learning the basics of the law, learning a little bit about politics, and discovering what I was capable of. Overall, I would say I handled my scandals for this week.

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