Why I voted to leave the EU


Since the result of the EU referendum was announced on Friday that just over half the UK wanted to leave the EU, the country has been in uproar. The pound fell 13% and the UK went from the 5th largest economy in the world to the 6th overnight. France has threatened to throw British border control out of Calise, leaving the UK open to thousands of migrants entering every year. And on Sunday morning, when I was expecting to get stuck into the ironing and mop the floors, I heard that nearly half the shadow cabinet had walked out on the Labour party. The only silver lining I heard was that Donald Trump will still trade with the UK regardless of our position in Europe. Yep, the silver lining is that if Donald Trump becomes President, the UK will not get shafted in trade agreements with the USA.

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Five by Five || My Quest for Greatness


For the last while I have been back and forth with lots of different stuff. Studying, family life, but the general theme is wanting to move forward. But do you know what the hardest thing is about trying to move forward? It’s knowing where to start. Sometimes the journey for self-improvement starts with the decision to move forward.

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A Year to Change Your Life: Week 3

One thing that a lot of people forget when they are trying to improve their lives is their house. Your house, your home, your environment, whatever you like to call it, has a big impact of you. So this week we are going to look at how to change your house for the better.

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A year to change your life: Week 1

When it comes to changing your life it can seem like hard work, and looks like it can cost a lot of money. It’s not surprising that a lot of people who want to change feel like they can’t because they are constantly fed images of perfection. But improving who you are is not about perfection, it’s progression. Improving you does not happen over-night, it can take years but that is the fun of it. Even if you are broke, down on your luck, and feel like the worst person on the planet who can’t improve, there is a way. I have found a way to change your life, one step at a time, that will only cost you a pound a week for the next year. This will get you on the right track to self-improvement. That’s right. So even if you are flat broke and think that you don’t have the funds to change a little bit every week, then read on. This week it is beauty on a budget.

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God, Abortions and meeting in the middle

A train of thought can lead you to exciting new places and new ideas which can make your world better. Last night I was watching “Forever” with my hubby-to-be, which resulted in us examining our family trees. For me, my heritage is very interesting and the knowledge of those who came before me has inspirited me many times over the years. My interest in spirituality comes from my father joking around and calling his mother-in-law a “witch”. He meant it as a joke but as a young child it sparked my curiosity in the occult and fairy tales. As I have grown older, the word “witch” has become more of a feminist label than Halloween scares. But throughout my research over the years, I have learned that God, or the concept of one, is not as black and white as it appears to be.

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