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Those of you who know me, know that I got married a couple of months ago (eek!). One of the most stressful things about the wedding day is making sure that you look good. No-one wants to be the bride that looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards with eyes that look like pissholes in the snow. Say what you will about me being shallow, but I don’t want to go looking back on my wedding snaps and feeling awful because I wasn’t the glowing picture of health and love on my big day. So I turned to the Benefit Bridal boxes from Birch Box.


Let’s face it, I don’t look like someone who didn’t sleep the night before and had considered popping a tampon up my bum in case I pooped myself with fear, do I? No. I was creamed and transformed with the help of my ladies and a very big make-up box. But, if your skin looks like poop, your make-up will sit like poop on top.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


This box was filled with goodies for the all important hen night out with the ladies. Head make-up and trend artist from Benefit, Lisa Potter-Dixon helped the guys at Birch Box to put this together. Inside this box you will find 8 sample sized Benefit products and purse. I know this is supposed to be about the make-up but the purse was ardorable! And a good size for bank cards and cash in all forms. Anyway, on to the products.

Porefessionial has been ranked as one of the top selling primer in the UK (according to the guys at NPD Group) and is the hidden gem in a lot of beauty bloggers arsenal. This primer gentle covers your pores to give you a photoshop finished look, without the photoshop.

Up next was They’re Real! Push Up Liner. I really wanted this to work for me but it didn’t! I’m not sure if my eyelids were too saggy for the thickness of the gel liner but it would not take to my lids. It worked on the back of my hand (and was a bugger to get off without eye make-up remover) but I wasn’t looking to draw shapes on the back of my hand.

Roller Lash Mascara just sounds cool, doesn’t it? The brush has a Hook ‘n’ Roll (<trademark!) that will lift and curl your lashes to make them appear longer. Since I have had this in my life, I have stopped wearing fake lashes. This stuff really does make your lashes longer! How do I know this? I wear glasses when I am working and when I wear Roller Lash, I end up with smudges on the lens. My lashes literally drag down the lens and create a mess.

Lollitint has become one of my favorite things for my lips! You just dab some on your lips and it will give them a natural looking flush. You can wear it on your cheeks too but I haven’t tried that yet. Honestly, I’m happy with how it works on my lips. It’s not very moisturising as a lip balm but it doesn’t dry your lips out either some others I have come across.

Dream Screen is one of those products that I think everyone should have. Not many people think about protecting their face from harmful UVA rays and this might help. Sure, you face cream might have a SFP 15 or something, but is that strong enough? This is the battle against wrinkles ladies! Dream Screen has a SPF 45 to help protect your face and neck from those wrinkle making rays of sunshine.

They’re Real Remover is designed for taking off the layers of eye make-up but it is pretty good for an all over removal too. This stuff is really creamy and lifts mascara away without having to yank out half your lashes in the process. You don’t need that much of it to get rid of the days make-up.

Puff Off is one of those products that bloggers have been raving about, but is it any good? Everytime I see a blogger talking or writing about it, they talk about the iron head tip to smooth out the wrinkles and bags under your eyes. But this is a sample, there is no such novelity to distract me! But, yeah, it does work. And now I want a full sized version to giggle at the cuteness of the mini iron tip! Damn you clever marketing!

It’s Potent! Eye Cream comes in the cutest little dinky pot I have ever seen! I am a whore for something like this, vintage inspired packaging that gives a real throwback to yesteryear. That and I think it is the better eye cream out of the two that came in the box. It’s best to put this on when you go to bed. You will wake up and look like you have slept for 15 hours in an anti-aging box. Seriously, if you have ever seen me first thing in the morning you will know that I’m not lying.

Wedding Belle


Everything you need for the big day, including your something blue! Which I forgot to wear….doh! Honestly, my mum was rushing us all to get ready, I left it sitting on the kitchen table. Anyway, this box was put together by Lisa Potter-Dixon and the Birch Box team (same as the last one). And, just like the last one, you will find 8 samples in the box along with the bonus item of the garter.

Stay Flawless 15 hour Primer was a big hit in my house. When it’s your job to look good all day, you need a primer to stop your make-up running into your armpits by the end of the afternoon. This is super easy to use, just swirl it on, dab your foundation on top, and blend with your beauty blender.

Lollibalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm is probably one of my favorite products out of all the boxes. I have been using it loads in place of my normal lipstick. It is great if you want a flush of colour that is moisturising and natural looking.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion was great to use on the big day. When you have to look flawless but still get to the church on time, this will help to give you some last minute hydration for your face, but you won’t have to wait ages for it to soak in before you do your make-up. These is no oil in it either so it won’t make you look shiny in your photos. If you do look shiny, it will be because you have sweated half of your fluids out your pores in fear.

Instant Comeback Serum was something that I didn’t use on the day but I have tried it out since. All you need to do is pop some on before you apply your moisturiser. I didn’t notice much difference in my skin when I was using it but I don’t look like death every day so I will assume it is doing something.

This box had a lot of doubles that you would have gotten in the Hen Party box too. These included Roller Lash Mascara, It’s Potent! Eye Cream, Puff Off! Eye Cream, and Lollitint. Depending on how you liked these products, this could be a good or bad thing. I was not complaining about getting doubles, especially with the It’s Potent! Eye Cream.

To Honeymoon and To Hold


Ah! The honeymoon…something I didn’t get to go on. But I hear that they are wonderful. Don’t feel too bad for me, for our anniversary every year…hopefully. Anywho, if you are lucky enough to get away for a trip with your new husband (tee hee!) then Benefit have provided you with a luggage tag which will probably be the first thing to get “Mrs” written on it!

Porefessional: License To Blot is a little stick for helping control shiny bits on your face. I’ll be honest, I don’t suffer from oily skin in any way shape or form. But my daughter does. The pre-teen who is running head first into puberty is suffering from really oily skin. So she stole it on me. I never got to try it. It must have been good because she used it all and then demanded that I get her some more.

Total Moisture comes in the same type of little jar as It’s Potent! and we all know how I feel about cute packaging by now. But this is a really good moisturiser that will help combat any dry skin. My one problem with this is the lack of anti-aging goodies in it. If this moisturiser was anti-wrinkle as well, I would be singing from the trees about how much I love it.

It’s safe to say that we can see a theme here. Most of the boxes had the same stuff in them. The doubles (or triples) in this box included Roller Lash mascara, Lollitint, Dream Screen, Instant Comeback Serum, Porefessional, and It’s Potent! Eye Cream. I counted 14 individual products with a few doubles, but what I got in doubles I didn’t mind having more of.

I was pretty impressed with the boxes. Each one was themed well and if you choose to buy them all, you have plenty of stuff to share around the bridesmaids on the big day. Or keep to yourself. I won’t tell anyone.


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