Mangrooming: Birch Box Limited Edition Man Box

In a bid to discover some new stuff for my husband, I ordered him a Birch Box. Not that there is anything wrong with his routine but it’s nice to try new products from time to time. And he is always happy to be my guinea pig and get pampered. What man doesn’t like a woman looking after him? Actually don’t answer that.

Richer Poorer Socks


Not the sort of thing you expect to find in a grooming box, or an I undervaluing the purpose of socks for men? Are they like your handbag or something? I loved the looks of these but I’m not the one who has to wear them. They are plush cotton socks that, according to the little card that came with the box, can be worn with any shoe. I’m not sure what the fashion police would say about wearing them with trainers but each to their own. But did my husband like them? He did indeed! They were soft and comfy, just as socks should be.

English Laundry Notting Hill Atomiser


This has to be one of the sexiest man sprays I have ever smelt. When you put it on, it smells quite citrusy. But as the day goes on, the smell changes to a different scent. I love the smell of sandalwood and amber so this was a winner in my book. My husband loved the smell and the fact that I attacked him with hugs and kisses when he wore it didn’t bother him too much.

Nobel Isle Lightning Oak Hair and Body Wash


Although this is a hair and body wash, my husband didn’t use it as a shampoo so I have no idea what it is like for washing out hair gel. But, he did use it for body washing, so let’s talk about that. Shower gel is shower gel. It washed the sweat off him and gave a good lather. But what makes this one stand out is how well the scent lasts. He said that after a day of work, he could still smell the fragrance.

Anthony Logistics High-Performance Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide Serum


This was one of my husbands favorite items in the box. He hasn’t used it very much because he refuses to waste it. It is so good that he is saving it for days off work and nights out. He said it is really good around the eyes, I’m not sure if it meant for that area but he likes it. It really takes the tiredness and bags away from under his eyes, and brightens his whole face.

Gentleman’s Tonic Daily Moisturiser


This is one of my favorites from the box. This moisturiser has seaweed and cocoa butter which is great for his skin. Since he began using this, he hasn’t had as many spot break-outs. The ingredients really soothe his skin after shaving and helps prevent razor burn. Plus, using it every day helps to keep stubble soft so shaving is easier.

Mazorin Face Scrub


This scrub is another one of my favorites, mainly because I tried it myself. It was a little bit harsh for my skin but my husband loved it. He has started using it in the shower before he has a shave. This means a closer and smoother shave for him. I love the more natural smell of this scrub which I think makes using it more of a spa experience than “let’s prep for a shave” drama.

Closed on Monday Deluxe Pomade

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This was my husbands favorite item in the box. He described this as a cross between a wax, a putty and a hair gel put together. You only need a little of this to get your desired style so this little tub will go a long way! It was really easy to wash out and didn’t leave a residue in his hair. I loved the smell of this! It has sandalwood and vetiver blend, and I think we all know how I fell about sandalwood!

So, what was the overall result for this box? A very big win! The team at Birch Box have done a great job putting this together to help men discover new products that they might not have tried otherwise.

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