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I am a dog lover. Hell, I have three of them! But, I love them despite the hair and poop. But like any dog owner I have trouble picking stuff out for my fur babies. So I decided to sign up for the Duke Box from Ruby and Duke. The box comes once a month and it is packed with goodies for your four legged friend.

As usual I have left some links in the post for you to click on. If you fancy trying any of these products for your dog, simply click on the link and it will take you to websites that we trust. If you choose to buy anything, the site gets a small commission to help keep the office pooches in chew toys and treats.

Misfits Chews

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Misfits Wonky Chomp 170 g (Pack of 12)

The wonky chomp chew went down a treat in my house! Buffy, the black labrador, has a chewing problem so anything that will help with that is good in my book. What I liked about these is that they do help with the chewing. They will keep a dogs jaws busy but unlike toys, they can eat these. There is nothing worse than finding your dog has eaten it’s chew toy. Unless they have chewed it tto tiny bits, it can mean a trip to the vet to remove a blockage!

Lily’s Kitchen Baked Biscuits

Lily’s Kitchen Shiny Coat Delicious Baked Biscuits Treats 50g

When you are training your pup it is always useful to have a mini treat to help the process. These itty bitty biscuits are the perfect size for when you are trying to teach your pooch to sit. These biscuits also have ingredients that promote a shiny coat. What’s not to love? A well behaved dog that has a beautiful coat is every owners dream!



Ah! The dreaded subject of poop! It’s one thing to scoop it up in the garden but when you are out walking (and don’t have your shovel with you) you need something good. It’s not nice having to scoop poop when you are out walking but as responsible dog owners we have to do it. Scoopies are biodegradable bags that are huge! They go halfway up my arm so there is no chance of accidently getting poo on your jumper. Despite being biodegradable, they are very strong. I have yet to put one of my long nails through the plastic into a pile of mess.

Cuddly Lobster

Gor Pets Reef Tug Bug

Every dog needs a teddy to hold at night but a teddy with rope legs is even better! This tug bug has everything you need to keep your dog happy at night or if you have to leave them for a while. It’s tail has a squeeky and the rope legs are great if you have a puppy that likes to chew. And because there are six rope legs it will take them a while to get through them all!

Tug Baton


This is another Gor Pet toy that isn’t just for chewers. The tough, chewy plastic is great for chewers and those who like to destroy stuff. But the rope middle means that you can play tug-of-war with your pooch too. The rope is interlaced through the plastic so it will keep nibblers happy as they try to pluck the rope out from the holes.

Did you miss this Duke Box? Or just fancy trying it for yourself? Here’s a link to get this months Duke box from Amazon-
Ruby & Duke Medium/Large Dog Toy and Treat Variety Box (includes: Gor Pets Tug Baton or Treat Ring, Scoopies Poo Bags, Gor Pets Tug Bug, Lily’s Kitchen Shiny Coat Treats, Mistfits Wonky Chomps Liver Chews)
Or why not sign up to get treats delivered to your door every month? Click here to sign up to Ruby and Duke.

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