Unboxing || Amazon Pet Supplies Sample Box

Amazon pet sample unboxing

Since the arrival of our newest pack member, I’ve been looking at different ways to treat them. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that Amazon had a pet sample box. Perfect for testing out on the pups.

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13 of the Smartest Cat Breeds

smartest cat breeds

There have been conspiracy theories and rumours floating about for years about cats. Some people think that cats might try to take over the world. At first, I thought that people were crazy because I just saw my own cat get stuck in a sports bra. But then I found out about these smarty-pants kitty breeds. Watch your back with these guys, they are smart. Here are 13 of the smartest cat breeds that might just take over the world.

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Dog Blogs || Shopping for dogs

rescue dogs 2 dog

This was something that was written a while ago when Diesel was still with us. I had been going back and forth about changing it and taking Deisel out. But he was here when I wrote it and only died a few months later. I have decided to keep him because he was part of my family.

I’ve included links to Amazon in case you want to get any of this stuff for your doggies. They are affiliate links and I earn a bit of cash if you choose to buy through these links. Also, in the interest of total disclosure, the review is not of Amazon. These items were originally sent to me as part of a subscription service that I paid for. The company has since went under and I lost a bit of money as I had paid for the year in advance. But rather than leave the name of the company in, I’ve changed it to Amazon because you can get most of the items on there. Thanks for understanding. Happy reading and shopping.

Hello humans! We are Buffy the Black Lab, Krypto the Husky, and Diesel the Staffie, a merry band of doggy’s that live with our human, Lindsay. Every day little parcels arrive at our home from the evil postman (GRRRR!) but one day he showed up with a box for us from Amazon Pets.

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Dog Blogs: Ruby and Duke Box for October

Another month and another bunch of spoilt pooches. I had actually forgotten that it was coming, that’s how out of it I have been this last while. Anyway, this month we got some goodies that we could not wait to try out. I was lucky to have gotten photos of some of these, they were needed as soon as I saw what they were.

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Dog Blogs: Ruby and Duke Box

I am a dog lover. Hell, I have three of them! But, I love them despite the hair and poop. But like any dog owner I have trouble picking stuff out for my fur babies. So I decided to sign up for the Duke Box from Ruby and Duke. The box comes once a month and it is packed with goodies for your four legged friend.

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Hey Mr Huffy Pants


Yesterday was a good day, or so I thought. I got loads done, stuff was sorted, I was on fire! Not literally, that would suck eggs. But last night I was faced with the biggest huff-muffin you have ever seen, manifested in the form of my partner, just because he was hungry and I didn’t buy him the filter he wanted for a fish tank that I didn’t want, with my money. Yes, my partner threw his toys out of the pram and I was made to deal with his drama.

I’m sure you are wondering what the feck I’m talking about, filters and huffiness. Well, it’s cold in Northern Ireland so I got the kids new winter coats, new gloves, my son needed new shoes because he had kicked the toes out of his trainers, you know, the usual winter stuff. My partner decided the other week he was going to get a new fish tank for the living room, for what reason I don’t know. He doesn’t bother with the one in the bedroom so why he wants another one is beyond me. Anyway, his boss was selling a big tank with all the trimmings, just no fish. When he got it home and set it up, the filter pump thingy was broken. So, what’s the big deal? Just get a new one, right? Wrong! The replacement filter pump bedoober is £40.

Now, I’m not complaining about my hubby-to-be, generally we see eye to eye on things but having a bitch fit over something as stupid as a filter for a fish tank is unacceptable in my book. I’m no angel myself with my temper but at least when something is annoying me, I at the very least give a warning. “My horomones are crazy today! LEAVE! RUN!” or something to that effect. Plus I had already told him I would get to it, just not at that second in time. The thing is that the kids actually needed my stuff, to put it off any longer would have been a mild form of child abuse, there was no urgency on the filter other than he wanted it now. I was planning on getting it later in the week but that wasn’t good enough for him.

In the end, I fed him, he said he was sorry, and I went about my life as normal. I’m sure there is a lesson in here somewhere but I don’t know what it is. Don’t let a man go hungry? Tell him stuff he doesn’t want to hear on a full stomach so it won’t annoy him as much? I did get him the filter today. I also had to set it up, test water levels and do all the things he said he would do. Oh, I know what the lesson is, just leave them to it or you will have to do it all!

Cod liver oil anyone? | Tried and Tested

cod liver oil

When I was growing up I associated cod liver oil with children in old movies, screwing up their little faces at the taste of a vile liquid. So as an adult, I never expected that I would be telling everyone how much I loved it.

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My Smelly Old Man | Story of my old staffie

staffie smelly old man

This morning I woke up with a feeling of dread. My stomach was in knots, I felt ill. My 9 year old Staffie, Diesel, was going to be put to sleep. It was not a decision we had come to easily. He was my smelly old man and I loved him so much.

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Rescue Dogs | My Story

Rescue Dogs

If you are a kind hearted animal lover, then at some point you have considered getting a rescue dog. I don’t blame you, I have three, but my story of doggy rescue is different from most. This is how my rescue dogs came into my life and some advice if you are thinking of adopting a dog.

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