Cultural appropriation is breaking our society

I would consider myself a smart person. I don’t have all the answers but I have never pretended to know everything. But being on the internet makes me question everything that I know about the society that we live in. Mainly because the world is evolving at such a speed that I can’t keep up. But it’s also because I’m not angry and my life is filled with love. Soppy I know but it is true. Everyone seems to be angry these days but is it directed in the right places?

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Question Everything, especially what you already agree with.

Most people think that they question everything, they really do, but that fact of the matter is that everyone has a pretty substantial blind spot regarding whatever they personally believe. We can see countless examples of this, from the religious fundamentalists constant skepticism of modernity to the conspiracy theorists outright rejection of self-evident truths, to the bloody-minded, dogmatic rhetoric of the radical identity politico. Willing to flagrantly deny the role evolution plays in the development of society while having the audacity to call themselves “enlightened: or “progressive.”

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Fat Shaming: Why it will never go away

Fat shaming is one of those subjects that no-one wants to touch in case they get accused of fat shaming. But highlighting a complex social issue should not be the reason to tear strips off someone. And it should not be confused with someone who is actually fat shaming. But the questions remain, what is fat shaming really and how do we deal with it?

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A quick guide: Pelvic Floor

I have a problem. My problem is it’s cold outside and giving birth to two very large babies has left me, er, a bit broken. I’m at a point in my life when I need to take control of not just my fitness, but my body as well or run the risk of becoming a “Tena Lady”. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about, it’s the pelvic floor department.

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Can you smell that?

Recently I have been plagued with smelly people. You know the ones I’m talking about. They stand next to you in a shop, or sit near you on the bus, and the whiff of their bodies brings tears to your eyes. It used to be that if you smelt like that, you were very poor and couldn’t afford to wash on a regular basis. But in modern society it still happens and I have to ask, why have these people stopped washing?

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How not to lose weight

Everyone at some point has thought about losing weight but for me it’s never about losing weight. It’s about being healthy. So when me and the rest of my brood were struck down with a stomach bug, I was pretty annoyed about being ill.

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Natural Beauty

We have all heard the horror stories about our beauty products, how we are slowly poisoning ourselves with chemicals and what-not. I never really bothered worrying about it until recently when I read an article, which was probably more fear mongering with a headline than actual truth, about how the chemicals in the world around us can shrink a womans ovaries. Wait, what?

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An open letter to David Cameron and Nick Clegg

I was so excited to hear that you are taking such a pro-active approach to fix “Broken Britain”, especially seeing as you want to make children spend time with their absent parents. I wish you could hear the sarcasm in voice because that is by far the stupidest idea I have ever heard. Let me explain the harsh simple truth behind this problem- most of these “absent parents” are absent for a reason, because their kids don’t want to see them. For most people it has nothing to do with denying access, sure it happens, but if you ask most of these children why they don’t see the other parent, it boils down to not wanting to see them. And now you want to force children like my daughter to spend “quality time” with someone they hate. Nice one.

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Time to be a better person

Last night I had a dream and it was awful for one reason, I pooped myself. I didn’t soil myself in my sleep, dream-me pooped herself. Or myself. Whatever, the point is I had a dream which had poop in it and it was very unpleasant. Mainly because it happened two nights in a row. After the second night of dream pooping I decided to investigate the matter after I had checked between my cheeks to make sure I hadn’t actually popped one out in the middle of the night. After referring to a dream meaning book I understood why I had the dreams, sort of. Dreaming of poop is supposed to be about releasing negative emotions, new beginnings, all that jazz. The concept is not alien to me, for nearly four years I’ve been trying to improve my life, be better and move forward. Put simply there comes a time in every persons life when you decide that you need to be a better person. For me this starts now.

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A new hope for us all


Before Christmas when I hopped on to the laptop and logged on to my social media sites, my various news feeds were filled with the news from Ferguson. First of all, I will admit, being in Northern Ireland, I don’t really keep up to date with American news like this. I knew a little bit about it, a teenager was shot by a cop. That was it. It wasn’t until the verdict was announced and the riots started that I became fully aware of the situation, or as informed as you can be with digging through Facebook, Twitter and the various news sites. All the information which I had access to had been regurgitated repeatedly, the information was in the form of twisted opinion and hearsay of what happened, there was very little in the way of facts. But a few things became to light. An 18 year old boy who was unarmed was shot 6 times by a police officer and his dead body was left in the street for hours. That is beyond scary.

First of all, everyone online had an opinion, an ill informed opinion. My news feeds were filled with anger and rage despite people not having the full facts of what happened. We will never know exactly what happened and we will never have all the facts. Was there any footage of the incident? Security cameras or mobile phone footage? Not that I’ve seen, so we will never know exactly what happened. To assume what happened was based on race or someones prejudice of another human is a dangerous game to play.

Second, the fact that race is even part of the conversation is scary. People, we live in the 21st century. Race, religion, gender, or sexual preference should not be an issue to society any more. Personally I couldn’t care if you are a gay purple man with boobs, if you are nice to me then I’ll be nice to you. I never judge a person in the first instance, I’ll get to know before I decide if you are an asshole or not. If these things are still issues in this day and age, then something needs to be done about it. And screaming about it on the internet is not helping matters. If this offends you then you need to educate yourself and those around you rather than getting all hot and bothered on the otherside of your computer screen.

I’m no expert on this, not by a long shot but I do know this, if you can’t trust your police force then it needs to be changed. Police and civilians need to have the protection of the law. Police should wear body cameras so that things like this can’t happen. Video evidence is the only answer if a white cop has race issues and hides behind his badge and gun to dish out his own version of justice. And guns are never the answer. There are so many other ways, non-lethal ways for crowd control and to take a suspect into custody, guns are not necessary anymore. But tonight, just think of Michael Brown and hope that something positive can come of this. Lets challenge that race card, ask more from the police, and hope that some day news like this will be a distance memory but the victims are never forgotten.