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We have all heard the horror stories about our beauty products, how we are slowly poisoning ourselves with chemicals and what-not. I never really bothered worrying about it until recently when I read an article, which was probably more fear mongering with a headline than actual truth, about how the chemicals in the world around us can shrink a womans ovaries. Wait, what?

Yes, ladies, it’s true. Science has proved that the chemicals in our beauty produces and cleaning gear can bring on early menopause. So all that gloop we have been covering ourselves in to make us look years younger on the outside is actually making us older on the inside. I have no real use for my ovaries these days apart from keeping menopause at bay and avoiding HRT at all costs, so the thought of reducing them to dried up prunes and hot flashes had me at panic stations. I’m far too young to be worrying about this and have no desire to fling myself into the freezers while I’m in Tesco at this stage in life, so the chemicals had to go. But what would I do? How could I wash without soap? It was time for a professional.

My good friend Lisa owns Naturally Clean NI, a one woman business with a mission to clean up this miserable planet with natural goodness. I arranged a goodie bag from her to get me started with some natural freshness.



I love a good bar of soap so when Lisa handed me the slab of Neem and Patchouli soap that was the size of my hand, I was really excited. The smell is quite strong but not in a bad way. The natural oils make the scent strong but not overpowering. It was fantastic to use in the shower as the natural oils combined with the steam turned my little bathroom into a spa. Another thing which I loved about this was the way it calmed my skin down. The purple stretch marks on my belly and the loose skin from two heavy babies has left my tummy looking like the underside of an elderly gentlemans ballbag. Don’t ask how I know what that looks like, just trust me on that one. After the first use, the colour of the stretch marks calmed down, and after a few uses my tummy is almost skin coloured again. Yay!



Lisa has been making candles for me for years and I have never been disappointed with the quality. One of the first ones she made me was a tea cup candle in an Audrey Hepburn mug. But in my little gift bag she had presented me with something else. Both candles are made of beeswax and last for donkeys. I’ve been burning the big bumblebee one for days now and it’s hardly made a dent in the wax. I choose unscented for my candle but she can do them in a variety of fragrances. The rolled beeswax candles also come in many different colours and can burn for hours.

Incense packs and wax tarts


This is one of Lisa’s newest items, incense packs with a charcoal disk and scent of choice. I’m not too sure which one I was given (she did tell me but I forgot) but it smelt divine. The difference between Lisa’s sample and my usual hippie sticks was noticeable straight away. The normal incense smelt synthetic in comparison to the mixture of herbs and resin in Lisa’s mixture. This is something I will definitely be re-ordering because it was just lovely, I’ve no other words, maybe “awesome”. Yeah, awesome and lovely. The wax tarts were also great. I normally use the Yankee Candle tartlets in a burner in the bathroom while I have a bath, so having an all natural replacement for these is great. The shape was too cute, and they smelt wonderful in the steamy bathroom. I don’t want to dump on Yankee Candle but sometimes, depending on the scent, it doesn’t work so well in the steam of the bathroom. Because Lisa’s have natural scents, they carried really well in the steam.

Lip balm


This was another sample that I loved and will be re-ordering in future. The peppermint left my lips tingly while the oils left my lips soft and kissable. It smelt and tasted like peppermint, not that I tasted it or anything….

So there you have it. This is just a small sample of the range which Lisa is working on. The soaps are available to buy now from her Facebook page and other items will be added as they are approved. Lisa is also working on getting her produces certified as cruelty free so keep your eyes peeled for the leaping bunny.

If you are interested in any of the products or would like to order some soap from Lisa, check out her Facebook page at Naturallycleanni/ or email her at and tell her that Lindsay sent you. She does do postal orders to mainland UK (postage does apply) and she is having a sale until 15/02/2015 of 20% off postal orders over £20. So what are you waiting for? Go! Be natural and save your ovaries from the chemical nasties before it’s too late!

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    1. Glad to be of help. Lisa does really great products and they have been tested in a cruelty free lab and approved for the intended use. If you have any questions you can drop her an email and she will get back to you x

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