Vegan Cuts- January Box

I love smelly stuff and I love animals so imagine how excited I was when I found something that gave me the best of both worlds. I was introduced to Vegan Cuts by Jennifer from a Vintage Vanity and I was not disappointed with what I got.

First off, this is an American company but I didn’t let it put me off. Despite the shipping cost to Northern Ireland, the box only cost £23.90 which didn’t seem too bad. But who cares about the money?! You want to know about the goodies, right? Well, just hang on a wee second there. Vegan Cuts is cruelty free and the packet and the worms can be recycled, giving it double brownie points in my books.

Crazy Rumors Lippie

HibisKiss, Hibiscus Flavoured Lip Colour, Tropical, .09 oz (2.5 g)

This is a dinky sample that I loved. It smelt like parma violet sweets and was really moisturising. There wasn’t much colour to it, it was more of a tinted lipbalm, but I really couldn’t fault it. The sample was a good size and I will probably get ages out of it. Although this came all the way from America for me to discover it, I found a full range of Crazy Rumors lippies at my local Holland and Barrett store so good news for us UK girls.

Dermorganic Sulfate-free shampoo and Intensive hair repair masque

Argan Oil Sulfate-Free & Color-Safe Conditioning Shampoo 350ml/12oz
DermOrganic Argan Oil Intensive Hair Repair Masque – 236ml/8oz

These smelt heavenly! They have organic argan oil and a creamy texture which was so luxurious to use. I got about five or six uses out of these small bottles which was around 10-12 hair washes. Depending on how often you wash your hair, this bottles could last a week or a month. Although my hair felt soft after using it, the shampoo seemed to strip a lot of the glossy sheen from my hair and it was difficult to brush. Maybe it’s just my hair type (which is super thick) but it didn’t work for me as an everyday shampoo.

Modern Minerals

10969507_10152688256256593_1966929968_oThis loose powder eyeshadow is paraben free and was so light on the eyelids, it provided a beautiful shimmer over the top the lids. With a base of foundation, the gold colour deepened and made a good shade of shadow on it’s own. Again, this was a good sized sample which will last me ages, and a small amount of powder went a long way.

Gourmet Body Treats

10961024_10152688189201593_1069975246_oThis was one of my favorites from the box. This sugar scrub smelt spicy and black pepper, mixed with the steam of the shower, I was in heaven. The scrub itself was great. It smoothed out the skin on my stomach which was amazing. I have awful stretch marks on my stomach as a result of two heavy babies, trust me, they are bad. This product says nothing about improving the appearance of stretch marks, bonus! Maybe it’s the natural ingredients or the smoothing effect of the scrub, either way it agreed with my belly.

Surprise Nail Polish

10958955_10152688189076593_1876614586_oThe little card in the box said there was a surprise nail polish in a sassy shade to brighten my day and it didn’t disappoint! I received BellaPierre in Firey Red and I love my red polish! In the photo it looks a bit orange but on the nails it is a rich red that dries really quickly. Without a top coat the polish was quick to chip and only lasted a day. In saying that, I am really hard on my nails so I expect some chipping within hours of doing my nails, so I wasn’t disappointed by this.

Ellovi Butter

10959266_10152688189161593_1206921515_oThis was a little surprise in the box that wasn’t listed on the card and it was a good surprise. It was a tiny tub that lasted me a few days and it was great for softening the hard skin on my feet. As charming as that fact is about my feet, it’s true. There was no smell from this at all, just a basic body butter than done it’s job.

I am loving the Vegan Cuts boxes and I’m excited about receiving the next box soon. I loved the variety that I got, a good mixture of 6 different items, none of which I hated.

Darphin 8-Flower Nectar Oil Cream. Deeply moisturising and nourishing

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