Scents of the Month || December 2016

Scents of the month is that time when we have a look at the latest stuff to fragrance my home. A while ago, you may remember, I was sent an oil diffuser to test. I absolutely loved it and have continued to use it with different oils. So I was really excited when Organic Aromas got in touch and asked me to review their new line of oils.

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The Beauty Edit

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. These are two quotes that tend to get thrown about when I talk about what I do. Another one is that women wear makeup for the benefit of men. To counter that argument I’d like to use a quote from another beauty blogger, “I don’t own 50 Mac lipsticks to impress a man that can’t tell the difference between Shy Girl and Teddy”. Why am I ranting at the beginning of a beauty post? Because if you choose to use any of the beauty products that I talk about, it should be because they make you feel beautiful.

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Natural Beauty

We have all heard the horror stories about our beauty products, how we are slowly poisoning ourselves with chemicals and what-not. I never really bothered worrying about it until recently when I read an article, which was probably more fear mongering with a headline than actual truth, about how the chemicals in the world around us can shrink a womans ovaries. Wait, what?

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