Scents of the Month || December 2016

Scents of the month is that time when we have a look at the latest stuff to fragrance my home. A while ago, you may remember, I was sent an oil diffuser to test. I absolutely loved it and have continued to use it with different oils. So I was really excited when Organic Aromas got in touch and asked me to review their new line of oils.

You may remember, if you saw my original review on YouTube, I zoned out completely using the first oil. In all honestly, I was super, beyond chilled out by the oil that had been sent as a sample. An oil that could chill me out is something to behold! I am a stress bunny these days. I use the word “bunny” instead of what I have actually been called. So keep that all in mind as we move forward.

The sets

scents of the month
I got sent both sets to try out, Inspire and Awaken. These oils have been designed around the idea of what we need in the day. There are days that we need to wake up and be more alert, and there are times that we need to chill out. Each set contains five oils, each oil has its own unique scent.


scents of the month
The boxes that the oil comes in is very well designed. On each box there are the Yin and Yang symbol, or half a symbol, that make a full symbol when the boxes are placed together. The boxes themselves are fantastic. They are made from sturdy cardboard with a glossy finish. The lid is a flip top with a magnet to keep it shut.

The oils

scents of the month
Each oil has a name to help reflect the scent of the oil, or the mood that the oil will help create. But never judge a book by its cover. And don’t for one minute think that they will smell like anything else. For example, there is an oil called “Welcome Home”, there is a Scentsy wax called the same. They smell nothing alike.


Let’s get down to brass tacks. These sets are amazing. And I’m a tough cookie when it comes to these types of things. Let’s face it, we all know that I like to complain, and these oils I can’t complain about. Each name is cute, Harmony, Jubilation and Formos, are just some of them.

You can check the guys at Organic Aromas over on their site. Or if you are a fan of Amazon, there is a link below so you can buy the oils for yourself. Just remember, this is a affiliate link so if you choose to buy something, Amazon gives me some of the change it finds between the sofa cushions.

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