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Porter Girl

Recently, I had a baby so I haven’t had time to sit down and do anything, never mind read. But I decided to throw the to-do list out the window one day and have a read of Porter Girl.

The plot

The story focuses on the Deputy Head Porter at the Old College in London on her first day. Normally, in an old institution like the Old College, having women in certain roles is unheard of. It’s not that these places are sexist, or maybe they are. Either way, for the first time in it’s history there is a woman porter. Speaking of history, the Old College seems to have a very dark one, something that the new Deputy Head Porter has trouble keeping her nose out of.

Thoughts on the Story

This book is nothing like it appears. The same way when you thunk pf a porter, you probably thought of a hospital porter who takes patients around. Or a hotel porter who will carry bags. A porter in a university is the keeper of keys, they hold the keys to everywhere. They say, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but we all do it. I had expected this to be an autobiography from the author (who was a porter at an old institute). Turns out I was wrong…..at least I hope that I am. There was too much murder for it to be real life. Or is it?

Thoughts on the author

Lucy has done a fantastic job of bringing her experiences as a porter to life in this book. Being a porter is a time-honoured position in certain places around the world. The fact the Lucy was able to be a porter for a while is incredible, even if she did suck at it. I can’t help but wonder if Lucy came up with the plot for Porter Girl when she was really bored in work one day. She wouldn’t have been the first person who has snowballed a piece of gossip into a yarn for entertainment purposes. We are just lucky she wrote it down!


I really liked this story and that surprised me. It has been written in a way that makes you question if it was real. Yes, it says a work of fiction, but was it really? Unlike a lot of murder mysteries I have read, this has been written in a way that makes the story seem very true. I honestly got to the last page and said, “hang on, was that a true story?” and I still find myself thinking it. A lot of books are fast paced but very unbelievable because they are out of touch with reality. Porter Girl on the other hand is funny, mundane in places, and very believable. And that is what makes it a bit scary, a bit exciting, and made me feel very paranoid. I can’t wait to see what else Lucy has up her sleeve. Her murder mysteries will have me paranoid for years to come.

Fancy getting your hands on this book? You can buy it here and I get some commission for flogging it to you. Or have a look at the original Porter Girl site.

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