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Appy Christmas

Christmas time is a time for giving and Santa…..unless you do last minute shopping. Let me *present* you with an app for kids this Christmas.

If you are anything like me, then you are terrible for last minute shopping. In fact, I’m sitting in my local shopping centre, 3 days before Christmas, doing last minute shopping with my kids. We have stopped for a coffee and a bun (gotta recharge those batteries) and I’m abusing the free wi-fi in the centre. While I sit and sip my coffee, my son is sitting on my phone playing a game. To be honest, I should have done this review ages ago but I simply have not had time. What I should have done was let the kids at the app sooner and I could have gotten my head peace for five minutes to do this.

Anywho, the app is “Oh No! Santa’s lost his presents” and you can download it here. To use it, you simply click the boy or girl on the screen to begin the story. The story begins, with words on the screen and a voice telling the story. Little green sign posts allow you to click further on and move forward with the story.

The app is simple but this is what makes it so good for little kids. You don’t need wifi or 3G to use it which is awesome. Seriously, how often do you download something for your kids to help amuse them only to discover that all of your data has been eaten up? Exactly. Despite being simple, the excitement of helping Santa keeps the kids coming back for more. Even my teenage daughter found herself enjoying the story.

I know it’s only a couple of days before Christmas but if you have to trail your kids out, get yourself this app to help take the sting out of last minute shopping. Or if you have to travel to see family over the holiday season. Or if you just want to get 5 minutes peace to wrap some gifts. You will be surprised how much your kids will love this story app.

I downloaded mine from the app store but feel free to check it out on your own device.

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