Time to be a better person

Last night I had a dream and it was awful for one reason, I pooped myself. I didn’t soil myself in my sleep, dream-me pooped herself. Or myself. Whatever, the point is I had a dream which had poop in it and it was very unpleasant. Mainly because it happened two nights in a row. After the second night of dream pooping I decided to investigate the matter after I had checked between my cheeks to make sure I hadn’t actually popped one out in the middle of the night. After referring to a dream meaning book I understood why I had the dreams, sort of. Dreaming of poop is supposed to be about releasing negative emotions, new beginnings, all that jazz. The concept is not alien to me, for nearly four years I’ve been trying to improve my life, be better and move forward. Put simply there comes a time in every persons life when you decide that you need to be a better person. For me this starts now.

Today when I woke up, I considered my life as it stands after I had checked my cheeks and my book. I have two wonderful children and a partner that adores me, and I am a rancid pain in the ass who is lazy. Ok, I’m being a bit hard on myself but I feel that I could do better at the whole wife/mother/life thing. So I had a look around me at my home, myself, and my attitude. I want to make all of these things better for the people that I love.

I started with my appearance, then my attitude, then my home. Effort needs to be put into all areas. I should do more. Be kinder. Be true to who I am. It won’t be easy but it’s something that I want to do. I want to be better at being a person. I need to let go of my negative attitude and live my life to the fullest. It all comes back to what I was talking about in another post about value. What value do I bring to the world? Am I bringing my A-game every day? The answer is a big, fat NO. I need to improve myself to raise my value and make myself a better person. The idea is simple in theory but much more complex when you try to put it into practise.

Today I reviewed myself, tomorrow I put it into action. Dog walk at 6am, shower, and breakfast. Once my day has started I will move on to some housework/home improvement. Lunch is a tricky part of the day for me, mainly because I don’t have lunch most days, but I will have a healthy lunch from now on. In the afternoon, work. I’m aiming for one blog post and a few thousand words for my book. Dinnertime will be a home cooked meal, no more eating out and takeaways for me! Finally I’ll be getting my kiddies ready for bed before I take the dogs for another walk, bath and bed. See, easy in theory. My day at the at the moment, lets not go there. It pales in comparison to this. All I can hope is that I can keep it up, get into a routine of giving my all, and no more dreams of me filling my pants.

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