Tried and tested: Neutradol Powder

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My house smells but that’s what happens when you have three dogs, two cats and two children. It’s not so much the children but the animals that leave a whiff around the place. So I thought I would try out some different things to combat the pong that surrounds me. Today I’m reviewing Neutradol powder.

Disclaimer: I paid for this with my own cold hard cash, this is not a sponsored or paid for post. I just wanted to experiment with something that might get the smell of dog out of the carpet without buying a new carpet cleaner.

The directions are simple, sprinkle it on the floor and then hoover it up again and you will be left with freshness. But there is a catch, you need to keep animals out of the room when you are doing it. Seeing as I was doing the entire upstairs I had to lock the cats in the bathroom and the dogs in the kitchen. It seemed like a plan at the time. Anyway, I started throwing the powder around the floors until I was surrounded in a cloud of dust which prompted a sneezing fit. Despite being a large tin it didn’t cover all of the floors that I wanted done. Maybe I had used too much on the first carpet but I had expected a bit more coverage. I left it for a minute to allow it to suck up or destroy the smells in the carpets while I stuck a tampon up each nostril to prevent a snot stream running down my face. The powder was a nightmare to get hoovered up and I had to run the hoover over a few times just to remove the white grit from my rugs, but maybe that says more about my hoover than the powder. By the time I was finished hoovering the inside of the hoover looked like it wouldn’t have been out of place in a Columbian drug lords cleaning kit. The house did seem to smell better once I was finished but that may have been because half of the powder from the tin was going up my nose when I was putting it down on the floor. The true test came when my partner walked in the door, would he smell the fresh scent? Would he even notice I had cleaned? He did. His opening remarks to me when he walked in the door were not “Hi honey, I missed you today,” they were “Holy crap! Did you clean? The house smells nice. What did you do? Stick a deodorant stick up the dogs asses? Why have you got tampons up your nose?”

So there you have it. Neutradol carpet powder does work but you need to remove your pets and will bring on hayfever symptoms if you are sensitive to powders. And be careful where you put your fur-babies while you do the needful, my cats dug up my rubber plant in the bathroom and pooped in the bath.

Fancy having your hoover look like a druglords? You can click this link for Neutradol powder and buy it. This link is to one of our favorite sites and by buying from them, you help us with a small commission.


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