Practice makes perfect


If you have been following along with the blog recently you will have noticed that I did start posting a lot but then it sort of fell away due to family issues. Because practise makes perfect, every chance I get to sit and write, I take it. What I’m hoping to achieve by doing this is building a body of work which improves over time, hopefully quickly. Most people who blog have a set day to publish a new post but I wanted to pick up the pace for myself. If you read my previous post about wanting to improve myself you will probably have guessed by now my reasons for bombarding you all with blog posts.

I want to force myself and push my boundaries like an athletic individual who trains everyday. The big difference is you guys get to witness my transition from pants to amazing. But it takes time, and having a public place to display this change is scary. I know I need to improve and I know that forcing myself to do it here is probably pretty stupid. I could work offline and get better away without being watched but what fun is that? I also what to show everyone that with a bit of practise, you can excel in your chosen field. There is no shame in being awful at something when you start out, some of my very first work was complete rubbish that is unfit to be seen. And even on here, my earlier posts are not my finest work. I could delete some of my early work and pretend that I have always been wonderful but I want you guys to see the change. I also want you all to enjoy the journey with me and see me grow.

It’s not easy doing a blog post everyday. I don’t have all week to muse over a piece so sometimes it might be really short and quite raw. Sometimes I lack material, sometimes I’m tired, but pushing myself and my brain to do it everyday is the the best work out I got possibly get.

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