I hate people


I’ve known for a while that I don’t like people but sometimes things happen that make me really dislike them! I knew when I became a writer that it could be lonely locked away, writing my woes of the world down. Probably complaining at some point about being lonely. Then this week happened.

First, I’ve mentioned this before, I’m a trainee sales rep. I became a sales rep for the very reason that it would get me out of the house, meet new people, blah blah blah! But when it comes to actually doing it, people aren’t very nice. The true, nasty versions of themselves appear before my eyes, how dare I contact them for coffee and to practise my sales pitch! What a horrible human being I must be to ask this of my family and friends! Keep in mind, training, not actually selling anything.

Second, was having a chat online with some people about “price”. Long story short, my friend had been contacted by a strange man who offered her ALOT of money to have sex with him. Ok, I know being a hooker isn’t most peoples idea of a great time, but we got into a debate about how much our own price would be. Mine would be £10 million in case anyone cares. Anyway, what started out as a joke around with people posting things like “For a million, I’ll do him!” and things like that, it turned to arguing with a guy who called us gross because we would even entertain the idea. I ended up going into facts about Nazi Germany and the things that happened then. People sold out their neighbours in order to save their own skin. It’s all well and good saying you wouldn’t do anything like that but you never know what circumstances you will be faced with and how you will react. I may have been going a bit far bringing the Nazis into it but I had a valid point which everyone agreed with. But his opinion matters more than facts don’t you know and we all have no morals. Everyone may be entitled to their own opinion but sometimes your opinion can be flat out wrong.

Those are only two of the big ones. Never mind people being rude in the supermarket, drivers cutting me off, and just the general public being horrid to each other. But why is everyone freaking out and hating on each other? Why stress? Why be horrible? It won’t get you anywhere, you might get a punch to the face if you cross the wrong person, so why do it? Yeah, you might be having a bad day but don’t take it out on the rest of us, we didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not our fault your day sucks.

I may be a silly thinking this way but I don’t have the patience to deal with people like this. People are cruel and selfish, sometimes trying to extend your social circle just isn’t a good idea. I do have friends but it’s a close circle of people that I really trust. If I need help, I can count on them. I’ve tried to reach out to people this week and have had it thrown in my face. Maybe I’m just not a social person but that’s my problem. Point is I tried to be nice, make new friends, and it backfired. So I won’t be doing that again. For now, I’m just going to continue living under my rock and shun the outside world. Besides, I have you lot to keep me company.

3 thoughts on “I hate people

  1. People can be really cruel. I have learned that most of the time they are just in it for themselves and don’t really care how it is going to affect anyone else. But there are also good people out there and when you find them you have to hold onto them.

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