Dog Blogs: Ruby and Duke Box for October

Another month and another bunch of spoilt pooches. I had actually forgotten that it was coming, that’s how out of it I have been this last while. Anyway, this month we got some goodies that we could not wait to try out. I was lucky to have gotten photos of some of these, they were needed as soon as I saw what they were.

As normal, I have left links to the products that we have tried out so that you can try them for yourself. If you choose to click through and buy something, then the site gets a small commission or reward. Yay!

The Laughing Dog Wonderfully Wheat Free Baked Joint Care Oaties

Laughing Dog Joint Care Oaties Dog Treats 250g

My dogs are very active but I worry about joint damage, even though they get cod liver oil to help keep them healthy. These treats contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Omega 3 to help keep those doggy joints in tip top shape. This was a pretty big bag packed with decent sized treats for training. The quality of these treats is amazing, they smell good enough for a human to have a nibble on. Not that I tried any…..

Trixie Plush Dog Toy


This little guy is so cute and Buffy the black lab has fallen in love with the little guy. There is no squeaker inside so I have not been tortured with noise. This toy is perfect for those doggies who love to lick and chew labels. The floppy ears and legs were sucked and chewed for hours by Buffy.

Thrive Pro Rewards

Thrive ProReward Chicken Treats for Dogs – 500g MaxiTube

I was really surprised with these, I was expecting little biscuits inside this tube, but it was filled with dried chicken bacon! No, really, it looks like chicken bacon. These are supposed to help with the training but as soon as the pooches saw these, all training went out the window. I was jumped on and chased for the reward of chicken bacon. Mmmm….bacon….

Whimzee’s Veggie Pig Ear

Whimzees Veggie Ears Vegetarian Dog Treats Bulk 18 Pack

This thing looks really weird and gross, but this is a fake pigs ear. I don’t know if you have ever fed a dog a real pigs ear, but I have, and the nasty farts that come afterwards are the stuff of legends. But this is a veggie friendly treat shaped like a pigs ear. Even Colin the butcher approves of these, honestly, the process that goes into making the real deal is gross. So, not only were no piggies were harmed, but it also cleans doggy teeth by removing plaque and tartar.

Eco Mutt Soap

If you have been following the site for a while, then you will know that my staffie, Diesel, is on his last legs. For the last year he has been in some pain with arthritis in his back. This has been hard on him and he is slowly losing his battle, the time is coming near for him to go to doggy heaven. He is now becoming incontinent, peeing and pooing everywhere. And sometimes the other two get peed on. Buffy got peed on the day the box arrived so I didn’t even have time to take a photo of the soap before I used it. Now, you all know that dog pee really stinks and trying to keep a dogs fur fresh when it is incontinent is like brushing your teeth while you eat Oreos. This soap is made from natural ingredients and has a fresh smell that lasts. The one we got smells of citronella and lavender which is great for preventing bugs setting up shop in your dogs fur.

And there you have it, another great month from Ruby and Duke. If you fancy getting your hands on a box of your own, simply click here to get your own Duke Box.

Want to know what Krypto looks like? Click here for a YouTube video.

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