13 of the Smartest Cat Breeds

smartest cat breeds

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There have been conspiracy theories and rumours floating about for years about cats. Some people think that cats might try to take over the world. At first, I thought that people were crazy because I just saw my own cat get stuck in a sports bra. But then I found out about these smarty-pants kitty breeds. Watch your back with these guys, they are smart. Here are 13 of the smartest cat breeds that might just take over the world.


smartest cat breeds

This breed of kitty is a hybrid cat with big ears and fluffy tails. To greet their people, they fluff their tails out and wag it as a display of happiness. They love their human buddies so much they are known for jumping into the shower for a splash in the morning. They are very active cats and love exploring the world around them.


Burmese smartest cat breeds

These cats are considered to be one of the smartest cat breeds in the world. They enjoy playing with humans so much that they can play like a dog. These cats enjoy a game of fetch and can follow commands just like a dog. They will even try and help their humans around the house, anything to stay close to their human friend.


Sphynx smartest cat breeds

These cats are known for being very close to their humans. Because they have very little hair, they like to snuggle in their human’s jumpers for heat. They love to watch what their humans are doing too and like to try and solve puzzles. Their keen observation skills mean that they can learn what buttons to push on machines, just by watching their human.


Siamese smartest cat breeds

The Siamese cat is known for it’s large blue eyes, and behind those eyes is a lot of knowledge. Siamese cats are easily bored and seek out ways to amuse themselves. Their temperament is more dog than cat. They bond with human friends quickly and are very playful. If they are left alone and not kept busy, they can become depressed. Awww!

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex smartest cat breeds

This cat is known more for it’s fur than its intelligence. The fur of this cat is super soft because it lacks the outer coat of fur. They are known as the “greyhound of cats” because they are so sleek and can run really quickly. They enjoy doing acrobatics and searching around the house for something to hunt.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold smartest cat breeds

This cat breed has a genetic mutation which causes its ears to fold forward. This can make them look like an owl. They are just as wise too. They are known for being very stubborn and prefer outdoor activities to keep them happy. They love their human friends and sit with their legs stretched out in front of them.


This is one of the smallest breeds of cat. Because they are so small they like to climb to high places and watch the world below them. They love spending time with their human friends and like to be carried about the house while their human goes about their day. They are one of the few cats that will be nice to any guests that come to visit.


Abyssinian smartest cat breeds

The first Abyssinian cat was rumoured to be a Zula cat who arrived in Britain in 1882. Although this is only a rumour, I can tell you for a fact that these cats are smart. They are very shy cats who like to play with their owners. They have a soft purr and hate to be left alone.

Turkish Van

Turkish Van smartest cat breeds

This cat was known for being very aggressive towards humans a few years ago, making it a rare breed now. They are incredible hunters and over the years have developed a strong bond with humans. They love to play fetch and in the water. They have been known to swim in the toilet bowl for fun.

Japanese Bobtail

These cats are known for their little tails which are more rabbit than cat, but they are very smart. They are one of the few cat breeds that can be taught to do tricks. They enjoy their human company and like to talk to their humans a lot. The scale of their voice makes them sound like singers.


Bengal smartest cat breeds

This cat has a direct link to the big jungle cats and has the smarts to go with it. They love to play in the water and go fishing in their owners ponds for fun. Because it is so closely related to the big jungle cats, they love to hunt. They still love their human friends too and love to play games with people.


These cats aren’t just smart, they are really interesting. They have a strange sounding purr that can sound like a duck quacking! They are interested in everything that goes on around them. They will even walk on a lease so that they can see the big world outside their house. They will try to solve puzzles and like a game of fetch with their human too.


These cats are really curious about their environment and will not rest until they have explored every inch of their house. They enjoy climbing up to high places and knocking stuff to the floor. We assume they are doing experiments on gravity and not making a mess. They can be trouble makers when they are exploring and do enjoy getting into mischief.

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