The Best Public Schools || Part 2

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When it comes to picking a school the choices can be confusing. There are so many to choose from! While some people prefer the idea of attending a private school like Yale, some prefer the idea of a state school. And there are plenty of those to choose from. Here is part 2 for some of the top state schools in the country.

Purdue University

A Lafayette business man called John Purdue wanted and university to be established in his name and in 1869 Purdue University was founded. There are 15 different resident halls for students to live in if they choose to. If living in the halls isn’t for you then maybe you could try for one of the Greek houses. 16% of the students live within the Greek community and Purdue hosts the third largest Greek community in the country. With average starting salaries of around $55,400 and over 85% of graduates filling full-time employment or in graduate school, it looks like it might be time to hit the student average SAT score of 1780 to join the ranks of Purdue.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill is one of the original eight Public Ivies and one of the three oldest schools in the country. Students there can take part in over 550 officially recognised student organisations. Among the landmark achievements are the student radio station which broadcasted the world’s first internet radio broadcast. If helping others is more your cup of tea, there is the university hospital which specializes in cancer care. The university has a long standing honour code to deal with any problems in the student body. As well as an average starting salary of $46,100 and an average SAT score of 1950, the students and the facility have founded over 150 businesses, and many have gone on to become CEOs of international companies.

Pennsylvania State University

Penn State started out as a humble farming school and now is one of the biggest research schools in the country. An advanced communication network has made sure that former students of the school can stay in contact and make new contacts. Many use the network to make professional contacts and hire new graduates from the school. With an average SAT score of 1780, it’s not surprising that the Penn State family wants to take advantage of each other’s big brains. Even if you don’t get hand-picked by fellow alumni for a job, the average starting salary for a graduate is $51,500. The biggest student run charity event takes place every year so you will need your dancing shoes to take part in the dance-a-thon which raises money to help combat children’s cancer.

University of Wisconsin at Madison

Madison is classed as a high research facility and offers over 4,500 courses. But what else did you expect from the oldest school in Wisconsin? The school has seen its share of drama and was shook to the core when a series of student protests lead to the authorities using force to calm the situation. In 1970 a bomb explosion killed a researcher when radicals tried to blow up the Army Math Research centre. The school has shed most of the radical ideas and trends now but is still home to some progressive politics. Now students can expect to excel in their studies and with an average SAT Score of 1935, there are some smart cookies doing research. Once you finish and graduate from one of the programmes, you can expect to see a starting salary of $48,500.

College of William and Mary

The college of William and Mary was founded by the Monarchs of England in 1693. That makes it the second oldest university in the US. Since the opening of the college, it has played a great part in educating the leaders who helped to shape America. The campus has been named as one of the most beautiful in America as it spans over 1,200 acres with stunning architecture and tree-lined streets. Graduates of this public Ivy can expect to see starting salaries of around $44,600 and will join the ranks of the alumni which include three former Presidents. The average SAT score of the students is around 2040 making them some of the biggest brains in the country. King Billy would be proud to see his students today.

University of California at San Diego

The average SAT score of a UC San Diego student is around 2018 and they need all the brainpower they can muster. Especially when dealing with a school that turn out 20 Nobel Prizes. On top of that, the school has secured over $1 billion in funding for 2015. The campus has over 700 buildings that are spread over 1,152 acres in the La Jolla neighbourhood. Over the last few years, the university has received so many applications that it was only able to give places to a third of people that applied. If you don’t get the chance to take part in one of the many start-ups that appear from the school, you can still expect to see a starting salary of $50,600 on average.

Ohio State University

Ohio State has become more difficult to get into in recent years. Now only half of the people who apply will get a place in the school. But once you get in there is a mountain of help from different councils to help you get through your studies. The Student Life Programme has over 1,000 student organisations and three student governments. The average SAT score is 1885 and there are over 200 different majors to choose from to exercise your grey matter. Once you leave the school as a graduate, you can expect to see an average starting salary of $48,000. But if you are really lucky you could be on the cover of TIME magazine and be the 13th alumni get that honour.

Clemson University

Located in South Carolina with a proud military history, Clemson University has been ranked as one of the top universities for career based programmes. In the university, there are 6 different colleges that cover a vast amount of subjects. Since 2006 the university has been ranked as one of the more selective schools as they could only admit around 55% of the applications that they received. The average SAT score is 1875 and the school attracts some of the smartest people in the state to study with them. The average starting salary is around $51,400 and an active career centre that runs a cooperative education programme. Is it any wonder that they receive over 15,000 applications a year?

University of Florida

The University of Florida or UF is home to the Florida Gators and the only Association of American Universities member in the state. The starting salary for graduates is $48,800 and graduates can look forward to a hands on career service. In recent years, companies have headed down to visit the students at UF and some of the Gators found new homes with companies like General Electric and Ernst & Young. It was probably those high SAT scores that got the company’s attention. That average SAT score of a Gator is 1890. The school offers several different scholarship programmes and has a nationally recognized honours programme that offers the chance to study abroad.

University of Washington

University of Washington is one of the oldest universities on the West Coast and has some of the most beautiful grounds for students to admire. The research budget for the university is one of the biggest in the country and it had a $2.83 billion endowment in 2014. The university runs the Research Channel, this is the only channel in the country that deals with research from 36 universities and 15 research facilities. To get the chance to join the gang with their research you better be smart. The average SAT score is 1810. All of that research pays off in the end and graduates can expect to see a starting salary of around $52,400 when they finally left the lab.

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