Unboxing || Amazon Pet Supplies Sample Box

Amazon pet sample unboxing

Since the arrival of our newest pack member, I’ve been looking at different ways to treat them. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that Amazon had a pet sample box. Perfect for testing out on the pups.

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Amazon pet sample box
Animology Fox Poo Shampoo, 250 ml

Krypto: I wonder which one of us is getting a bath then?

Buffy: Probably you fuzzy butt. You always look like you need a bath.

Summer: I don’t like the water. I hope I don’t get bathed.

Krypto: There are three packets of shampoo. I bet she baths each of us.


Chicken treats

PetFace Chicken Skewers for Dogs from The Dog Deli

Summer: I think these were really chewy, I had trouble with these.

Buffy: I didn’t, but then again you are a little pup. You should leave these to the big dogs.

Krypto: I liked them too. They are chewy but they aren’t really hard.

Pink Pig

Petface Farmyard Buddies Crinkle Flat Pig

Buffy: OMG! It’s pink and it squeaks!

Summer: OMG! We can play tug of war with this!

Krypto: OMG! You two are going to rip this to bits! Leave it alone! It’s mine!

Buffy: But it’s pink! It’s for the girls!

Krypto: Shut up! You are colour blind! It might be blue. Or Yellow. Or…..

Iams kibble

Buffy: This should be good for you Krypto, it’s a more natural food for your sensitive stomach.

Krypto: That would be nice. My tummy does get very upset at times.

Summer: It would help if you didn’t eat everything. How did you get stuck in the bin the other day?

Krypto: I thought I could smell food. Waste not, want not!

Poop bags

Krypto: If you are a dog, it’s smart to carry a poop bag when you go out.

Buffy: These are lovely. They smell nice in the holder. I doubt they will smell nice after they get used.

Summer: Well, I’m not sniffing them to find out if they still smell pretty after I’ve used one.

Perfect fit food

Amazon dog blog
Perfect Fit Dog Greater than 10 kg Complete Dry Adult 1+ Rich in Chicken 2.6 kg – Pack of 3 (Total 7.8 kg)

Krypto: Why would we need these? I could eat these in one gulp!

Buffy: Because they are samples you plank! They are little bags that can be mixed into our food. That way it shouldn’t upset your tummy.

Summer: I thought they were little treats?

Buffy: No, if you read the label it clearly says that it is a food for big dog.

Duck bites

duck fillets dog blog amazon
Natural Nosh Dog Treats – Duck Fillets 80g

Summer: I really liked these.

Buffy: There was plenty in the packet too. There was more than enough to go around.

Krypto: These type of natural treats agree with my tummy better than some of the biscuit treats.

Buffy: These are great for a tasty treat after dinner.

Doggy Chocolate

Amazon pet sample box dog chocolate
Leaps & Bounds Woof-Bar 100g (3 Pack) – Milk Chocolate alternative for dogs

Summer: I thought dogs weren’t allowed chocolate?

Buffy: That is true but this is chocolate that is specially made for dogs.

Krypto: That’s right, you shouldn’t eat human chocolate. It’s poisonous to dogs. This stuff is perfectly safe for us. But if you two aren’t happy with eating chocolate, I will take one for the team and eat the entire bar.

Chicken dinner

Amazon pet sample box chicken dinner
Lily’s Kitchen Organic Chicken & Spelt Supper Complete Wet Food for Dogs 150g (Pack of 11)

Summer: This stuff was awesome!

Krypto: Yes, I have to say that I really enjoyed this. This little tub wasn’t enough for us…

Buffy: I know! I could have eaten the whole thing by myself if I had the chance!

Summer: I heard the cats licked the tub out after we were done….

Lamb dinner

Amazon pet sample box dog food
Nose2Tail Lamb Grain-Free Dog Food 400g

Krypto: This stuff was amazing!

Buffy: You do like your lamb dinners, don’t you?

Summer: Everyone loves lamb! and this had peas in it too. PEAS!

Buffy: This is a grain free food so it’s good for sensitive tums, and packed with good stuff too.

Turkey dinner

Amazon pet sample box dog food
Forthglade 100% Natural Complete Meal Meat Selection Dog Pet Food Brown Rice Multi-Pack 395g (12 Pack)

Buffy: Right, before you two get all excited about this, I would like to put “forth” a suggestion….forth, forthglade…nevermind. Anyway, how about we get these for Christmas?!

Summer: What is Christmas?

Krypto: The time of the year that we get really fat with kitchen scraps!

Buffy: Yes, but it’s not good for us so these would be a good alternative!

And that was the contents of the pet sample box! What did you guys think? Did the dogs do a good job? Let me know how many tummy rubs they should get in the comments!

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