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As a 21-year-old living in this modern world, I have delved into the world of online dating apps. Growing up online dating was seen to be one of those things desperate middle-aged people did when they got divorced and their children had gone off to uni or where ever their lives took them. But in 2017 dating apps are almost fashionable with marketing teams focusing on the younger generations.

Since the age of 18, I was hooked to these apps, often using Tinder, Badoo and POF all at the same time. I even met up with several guys from these apps. Two of which I had relationships with. I’ve seen friends fall in love on Tinder and know of many who have met their husband or wife on these apps. I myself can say I have fallen in love and still am in love with one guy I met on Badoo (but that is another story for another day).

But if I have found success before why not use them again? Over the last three years, I have grown up a hell of a lot. I have realised that if I am going to fall in love I will do when I am not expecting to. Although yes my last relationship started on Badoo I never thought I would have feelings for this particular guy. He was the adorable Welsh boy I told everything to. If anything I thought I had found my best friend. But as they often do in life feeling developed and we fell for each other. It was a long distance relationship with him living in Newport and me in Gloucester, we longed for the day he would move here for university. But alas the long distance was too hard for us both amongst other things and although we both still care deeply for each other we have decided to remain best friends.

I don’t want to rely on technology to force a relationship anymore. And I know many of you reading this will think that I am still young, I have plenty of time to find the love of my life, but I think I have got to the point in my life that if I were to start dating again it wouldn’t just be for a fling it would be for real, to settle down.

Dating apps are something everyone should experience at some point in their lives if not to realise what you aren’t looking for in a partner. Using these apps made me realise who I am and who I want to be. But they are something of the old Hayley.

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Love Hayley Beth dating apps guest post

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