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twirl fit pole dancing fitness

Twirl Fit in Bangor, County Down, is one of only a few places in Northern Ireland that teaches pole dancing as a form of fitness. Beginning at the bottom level, I had a go at one of the most talked about fitness classes in recent years.

If you are a fan of TV, namely Britain’s Got Talent or one of those programmes, you would have seen a pole dancer on the stage. In recent years, pole dancing has become more about fitness than sexy dancing. Yeah, it can still be sexy but it still requires a lot of strength. I’ve done pole fitness before and really loved it, so I knew what to expect when I walked into the class. Beginners levels are all about building some upper body strength and learning some basic moves. Being comfortable on the pole is essential to learn at this stage.

Twirl fit pole dancing fitness

During the course of the 8-week programme, the girls were shown a variety of moves. Various spins like fireman and attitude would become second nature to everyone by the of the course. There are some more difficult moves to learn too. The seat, sitting cross-legged on the pole, is a tough one on the thighs! Climbing the pole is another skill that you need to learn. At this stage, you don’t need to go that far up the pole. As you move up the levels, you will need to climb higher. At a beginners level, you only need to get a few inches up. If you can manage to get higher, go for it!

twirl fit pole dancing fitness

At each class, you learn a different move to add to a dance routine. This routine is a fun way to show off your skills at the end of the course. Don’t be worried about how you look when you do the dance. Nobody is going to see the dance unless you do it at home.

Twirl Fit for beginners is a great introduction to the art of pole dancing. And trust me when I say it’s an art. There are not many classes that can make you sweat, strong and sexy after 8-weeks of wiggling.

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