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Bangor Northern Ireland Park Run UK

Bangor Parkrun is the weekly event for local runners in my area who want a time (and a bit of competition) for running 5k. Ward Park in Bangor, Northern Ireland is home to one of the country’s weekly Parkruns where you can take part for free and work on your running.

Saturday morning is the time for runners to head to the local parks for the weekly Parkrun. Each week the marshals get everything set up in Ward Park before the runners arrive. The bowling pavilion is turned into race central. Each week, the volunteers make up tea, coffee, and juice for the runners. There are also plenty of water and a sweet treat. It is these volunteers that make the run possible as they give up their Saturday morning to assist whatever way they can.

The course in Ward Park is mainly flat but there are a few slight rises and falls, but nothing too serious. The course is pretty friendly for those of us who needed to start somewhere. The even terrain is even suitable for people who have an impairment. One lady who runs most weeks is visually impaired, so there are no excuses for the rest of us.

Bangor Northern Ireland Park Run UK

The run takes three laps around the park before finishing beside the bowling green. As you run around, you will get a great view of the tennis courts, the water with the ducks, and the kids area with the park and the library. The race attracts plenty of runners. Some are there as part of their training, others are there as part of an exercise routine. Even if you are the slowest person, there is always a tail runner to keep you company.

When you are finished, you can grab a drink and a treat from the bowling pavilion. This Parkrun is perfect for those who want to start running and fancy a little bit of competition. The cake at the end is just a get bonus.


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