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Mannequin is the 1987 romantic comedy which brings some magic to an American department store. Kim Cattrall and Andrew McCarthy lead the cast in this classic 80’s movie.

The Plot

The movie follows the adventures of Jonathon Switcher (Andrew McCarthy), an out of work artist who changes jobs constantly. While working in a factory, he creates a life-like mannequin (Kim Cattrall). This is the first time in a long time that he feels like an artist and falls in love with his work. He gets fired for being too slow and jumps about from job to job. He stumbles upon his mannequin one night when he spots her in a store window display after he is dumped by his girlfriend, Roxy (Carole Davis). He returns to the store the next day and saves the owners life (Estelle Getty), she offers him a job. Jonathan offers to help Hollywood (Meshach Taylor) dress the window so he can spend time with his mannequin.

Jonathan offers to help Hollywood (Meshach Taylor) dress the window so he can spend time with his mannequin. That night, she comes to life and becomes Emmy. Emmy is an Egyptian who has jumped around in time for over 4,000 years, and will keep jumping until she finds her true love. The only problem is, she came only come to life when she is alone with Jonathan. With her help, Jonathan creates window displays that attract massive crowds and brings the department store back from foreclosure. Thanks to Jonathan, the store is safe from BJ Wert (Steve Vinovich) the owner of Illustra.

The success drives Wert to distraction and he orders his staff to ensure that Jonathan moves to Illustra. Roxy, who works for Illustra, spies on Jonathan and takes pictures of him with his mannequin. The mannequins are stolen eventually from the department store by Illustra. Jonathan, knowing it’s Illustra behind it, arrives to confront Roxy and Wert. When he gets there, Wert is dismissive about the fact that he has stolen the mannequins and offers Jonathan a job. When he refuses, Roxy storms off with the intention of destroying all of the mannequins. Emmy is loaded on to a trash compactor¬†and is nearly killed. As Jonathan rescues her, she comes alive and stays alive in front of everyone.

Thoughts on the Story

Mannequin might not seem like an inspirational story but this movie is the reason that I choose a career in visual merchandising. My mum is a massive fan of the movie and could probably give us a reading of the entire script. The story is based on the Pygmalion myth, a sculptor who falls in love with one of his works. Just like the myth, true love wins and Emmy is made into a real human. As a kid, the story reminded me of Pinocchio, the little boy who wanted to be real.


Mannequin is a classic movie that is ideal for a rainy day. This is one of my go to movies to watch when I am having a bad day. The music and plot are incredibly uplifting and the story is a modern day fairy tale. Hollywood is one of the most colourful and animated characters that has ever graced the sliver screen. His car and his sunglasses are the stuff of legend!

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