Horrible Jobs || Part 2

horrible jobs

We all know that if you don’t like your job, you can become stressed and unhappy. Employment is bad for your health. But are all jobs that bad? It looks like some jobs are worse for your health than others. Here is part 2 of horrible jobs that are bad for health.

Police Officers

The police service has to deal with a lot of different dangers. First of all, they might get shot or stabbed. Then they have the psychologic problems that come with dealing with criminals on a regular basis. Stress and the physical demands of the job can add up and leave officers with some really bad health problems later in life.

Extraction workers

These guys have a bad enough job as it is. Every day they have to sort through other peoples mess and are exposed to harmful chemicals or infectious diseases. It was estimated that around 35,000 out of 100,000 extraction workers take seriously ill every year, that’s around 35% of the work force! These guys put their health at risk every day to clean up the world one toxic site at a time.

Nuclear Technician

When your job is to deal with radioactive materials it’s not a surprise that you can put your health at risk. Even with the most modern protection suits, there is always a chance of a leak or exposure to nuclear waste. One of the biggest risks of this job is cancer from long term exposure or radiation burns.


Could you imagine having the lives of hundreds of people resting on your shoulders every day? Neither can I, but that is the sort of stress levels that pilots deal with every day. Watching all of the those controls doesn’t give them a chance to stretch their legs much which is bad for blood flow around the body. Pilots also have to deal with radiation from the aircraft, I don’t need to explain why that is bad for your health!

Lab technicians

When you have a blood test done or are asked to pee in a jar by your doctor, there is a group of people that have to poke through your bodily fluids to see what is wrong with you. Lab technicians can put their health in real danger by being exposed to diseases and all sorts of nasty bodily fluids. On the plus side they can check themselves out if they feel a bit sick.

Logging workers

Timber! When you are working with trees and your job is to cut them down, it is definitely bad for your health. Apart from cutting down the trees that make oxygen for the planet, loggers have to deal with Mother Nature fighting back! When a tree is falling you had better get out of the way otherwise it is death or permanent disability in your future. With the death toll of loggers heading into the hundreds every year, maybe it is time to leave Mother Nature alone.


When your job is to climb about rooftops everyday there is always a chance it will impact your health. Probably by you impacting on the pavement below. Falls are the biggest danger to a roofers health but there is also sunburn, frostbite, and poisoning from chemicals. Roofers who restore older buildings might become exposed to toxic (and banned) building materials that haven’t been used in years.

Custom officers

It might be a thankless job but it can be dangerous to your health too. Everyday custom officers run the risk of being exposed to chemicals, poisons and drugs that people try to sneak in or out of the country. The x ray and scanning equipment that they use everyday can give off radiation and be damaging to their health.


If you aren’t familiar with what a podiatrist is, it is a foot doctor. Feet are the area of the body that hold the most bacteria and disease. They are also the area that has it’s own list of problems! Exposure to different foot diseases is bad enough but they also spend a good part of the day sitting down. I always thought that smelly feet are bad for your health, now I know it is true.


Writers are in a unique position because they can pick and choose what they do. They get to follow their muse and write whatever their heart desires. They can also starve to death if this is their attitude. Writers are often stressed with deadlines, low pay and little creative wriggle room. Any that do manage to be creative and make it big then have the problem of keeping their brain firing at out good ideas and suffering from creative fatigue.


It doesn’t seem like a dangerous job for your health but our mothers always told us that digging in the mud all day was bad for you. Digging up ancient artifacts can be stressful and not the cleanest of jobs. Opened ancient tombs that have been sealed for centuries can have unknown chemicals and contaminants can poison or kill a budding Indiana Jones. And don’t forget about the mummy’s curse, we hear they can be a real killer!

Water treatment workers

Did you know that everything you flush down the toilet has to go somewhere? Most of the time it goes to a water treatment plant to be cleaned before it heads out to sea or back into the system for you to drink. Lovely! You know what you flush down the toilet and the poor guys at the water board have to deal it. You know why this job is bad for your health. We shall say no more.

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