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Go Faster Food was the first book from Kate Percy and introduced people to the idea that food can be tasty, be good for you, and help with your training. Over the years, Kate has developed her recipes and knowledge to help her kids perform better.

go faster food granola
Crunchy Granola

The Book

This is not the normal type of book that I review but there is heaps of information packed inside. It really would be a sin not to review it. From the moment you open the book, you are presented with information about food, the human body, and how it should all work together. There first part of the book is about nutrition. This is great because it explains what is in your food and what you should be eating to maximise your potential. Part two focuses on how to cook and the recipes.

go faster food
Apple and Raisin Cinnamon Porridge

Thoughts on the Book

The recipes are really easy to follow and broken down so that anyone can make them. These are not about being a food snob, this is wholesome cooking to fill your body with goodness. I’ve made several of the recipes and had no problem in creating a delicious meal with them. There was an incident with a carrot cake but that’s what I get for using a tin that is too small! What is really good about the book is the explanation behind each recipe and when it is best for.

Go Faster Food
Sticky Lemon Honey Chicken with Basmati, Wild and Chickpea Rice

Thoughts on the Author

Kate is a woman after my own heart. All she wants is for her kids to eat well and live well. As a mum and someone who trains a lot, it is important to me that we all eat well. Kate began her journey when her husband was training for a marathon. She decided to help him by studying sports nutrition and tailored his meals around his training. Once she got involved, it didn’t take Kate long to join her husband. Now, Kate and her family have an active lifestyle which is fuelled by her home cooking.

Go Faster Food


If you are looking for a book which will educate you and inspire you to eat better, then buy this book. There are not many books which can explain the whys and whats of good nutrition. But Kate has managed to do it. Go Faster Food is the go-to book for all those parents who are struggling with what they should be feeding their kids. With so much conflicting information out there, it is refreshing to see a book that is packed with information but is easy to follow.

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