Kriti Ghimire || The Big Quiz

Kriti Ghimire || The Big Quiz

The Big Quiz is back for another week and it has never been so popular with my readers. You guys are obviously searching for fresh talent in the big ocean that is the internet. The good news is, I have a different blogger or celebrity every week so you will never be stuck for talented people to discover. This week we have Kriti in the hot seat answering those questions we don’t really need the answers to.

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Katie || Living Life Our Way Blog || The Big Quiz

It’s been 100 since the guns fell silent and signaled the end of World War 1. It was supposed to be the “War to end all Wars” but we have all seen differently within our own lifetimes. The sacrifice of these men has granted us the freedom to live the life that we desire, something that we get to explore every week with the bloggers who answer the questions of The Big Quiz. Each blogger has the freedom to express themselves and live their life. This week, Katie from Living Life Our Way shares some info about her blog and homeschooling her daughter.

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