Travel Dreams

travel dreams

What are your travelling dreams? Everyone has somewhere they’d rather be, or something they’d rather be doing in another part of the world. But, no matter what your travelling dreams are, the sad reality is that you might not achieve them. Everyone is so focused on the other things in life that they might need to buy or pay for, that it can feel as though money is rather sparse after the first or second week of the month.

But, it’s important to remember that you do only get one life, and if you spend it paying bills, rather than seeing the world, you’re going to be filled with regret when you get older. Half of the older generation will tell you that not spending more time trying to see the world is their biggest regret. So, we don’t want you to be like that, so we’ve got a few ways that you can make your travelling dreams come true, sooner rather than later!

Find A Travelling Partner

The first piece of the puzzle. If you want to fulfil your travelling dreams, then you’re going to have to find a partner that’s willing to travel with you. You’ve got so many options here. Of course, the first one we need to talk about is actually going on holiday by yourself. There’s nothing wrong with it, millions of people go backpacking or solo travelling as they find it easier. Think about it, you don’t have to worry about what anyone else has to do, all you need to do is think about what you would like from a holiday, and go and do it! If you’re a sociable person, there would be no doubt that you would make a few friends along the way. It’s often much cheaper to go solo as well.

Travel companies bump down the prices of single hotel rooms, although there aren’t many of them, so you’re best off snapping one up sooner rather than later. You could of course, go with your boyfriend/girlfriend. These make for a more romantic experience, but if you’re going travelling for a long period of time, beware of the arguments! Whilst they won’t ruin your travels, they might put a spanner in the works once or twice. Then you’ve got the fun of being able to go with your best friend. Again, you might bicker once or twice, but at least you’re going to be going with someone who you know you’ll have endless laughs with.

Holiday Home?

Just because we’re talking about travelling, it doesn’t mean we have to be talking about all the different destinations around the world. Sometimes you’ll visit a country, fall completely in love, and want to visit it a million times over. If this happens, you should seriously consider getting yourself a little holiday home. As expensive as it might sound, it really does save you move in the long run. No more paying for expensive package holidays, and no more travelling to far-flung countries. As long as you have all of that out of your system, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider a holiday home. If you check out links such as, you’ll see an example of just a few of the beautiful homes you could find in one of the little Indonesian islands.

However, if you weren’t prepared to travel that far, then there are holiday homes in more commercial places, such as Spain. But it all depends on what country you fall in love with, and how many times you would like to visit it a year. If you’re thinking about going two or three times, then it probably doesn’t matter about getting a holiday home that’s a little further away. If you’re planning on going many times a year, then you might benefit from somewhere like Spain as it’s just so easy to get to. The initial price of buying one is going to be high. If you’re blessed with being able to buy one outright, then things will be a little easier for you. Some people go down the route of renting the same property out each time they want to go, but then that isn’t really a holiday home, is it! Buying one out right is going to be a much better option for everyone.

Dream Destinations

There are plenty of dream destinations out there, it all depends on what you would like from your holiday. If you want a city break, then your dream destination is going to have to be somewhere like Venice. It’s already one of the more popular destinations out there, and if you go at certain times of the year, you’ll be swamped by so many different tourists. But, the fact that it’s so busy should show you how much of an amazing place it is to visit. There’s obviously the main attraction that people like the wonder around, the canals. But there’s just so much more beyond that. You can find beautiful cathedrals, rich history, and there’s obviously the amazing food. If you’re looking for something a bit more tropical, why not think of heading to Dubai. As expensive as it might sound, there’s just so much to see there, and it really is a luxurious country that brings the heat.

Sorting Out Money

This is the piece of the puzzle that a lot of people seem to struggle with. Sorting out money for just one travelling trip can be hard. But doing it for multiple trips a year is just going to get difficult. So, you need to get your saving goggles on. One of the main reasons why people find it so hard to save, is because they find it so hard to keep saying no to the other distractions in life. If you actually think about the holiday, and only the holiday, it can become so easy to save up some money!

So, will you make your travelling dreams come true this year? We hope after reading this, you’ve been given a bit of inspiration to make sure they do come true!

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