House From Hell || Attempting to fix the bathroom

attempting to fix the bathroom

I hate my house. I mean REALLY hate my house. But it isn’t really mine, it’s a rubbish rental in a rubbish area. But recently I’ve been trying my best to update my personal corner of Hell with some DIY. Recently, I decided to “fix” the bathroom.

The bathroom is a really nasty room. For the first few years that I lived here, the bathroom window didn’t shut probably because the hinges were broke. There was a mould patch in the corner of the room that just spread everywhere. The bath looks like the protective coating has come off the bottom of it because it stains really easier! It needs a revamp, but I’m not paying for a new bathroom suite to line the pockets of my evil landlord.

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Getting rid of the mould

The mould is a nightmare and washing it off won’t do it. It needs to be treated with a special cleaner like Polycell 3-in-1 Mould Killer Spray. But once mould is in, it’s a nightmare to fully get rid of. I believe the mould is in the insulation so I will never get rid of it properly. And before you start thinking I’m insane, the insulation in this house is straw. That’s how rubbish this house is. Straw insulation is known to have problems with wet and mould if it isn’t used properly, and because this is a former council house, I don’t think the greatest of care was taken when the house was being built. Straw insulation also has a habit of expanding in the damp which explains why the plaster is bulging out in certain places (more on that when I do the rest of the house).

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Painting the walls

Once you have the walls clean and dry, you need to repaint. I normally just throw some paint on the walls and hope for the best. This time I decided to up my paint game and invested in kitchen and bathroom paint. The walls were painted with Crown Bathroom Mid Sheen in Pamper Night. It took two coats to get decent coverage on the wall but it was worth it. The ceiling needed three coats of Dulux Easycare Bathroom Plus Soft Sheen Paint in Pure Brilliant White to help cover the black marks.

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This is a patch job and we all know it. I would love to have a beautiful bathroom but this is the best I could with no budget. This bathroom is a nightmare and I dream of the day that I have a nice house.

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