Seven Famous Witches

I’ve been called plenty of things in my time, including a witch. And the other word that starts with a B but finishes the same….

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Big Brother is watching on Social Media

CT Editorial- Big Brother is watching on social media

This was one of my first published pieces in a real life newspaper about employers watching us on social media.

You can imagine my delight when the editor of this very paper emailed me. I was going to write for a paper. I had a place to showcase my writing talents. The initial buzz of excitement disappeared when I realised, to my horror, I had added the editor as a friend on Facebook.

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I often like to imagine that raindrops are sentient, that they live ordinary, comfortable lives up in the clouds. Then, one day, the fluffy white ground just opens up underneath them. One minute they are relaxing with their raindrop families watching shit raindrop tv… then WOOSH! Down they go, screaming all the way. I find this comforting.

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Noise: a short story

I was still dreaming when they came for us. Groggy and sleepy-eyed when I heard that awful sound, that screeching, biting, gnawing noise that rings in the darkest depths of my memories. Every time it rang through our homeland we knew that death would soon follow, Every time that piercing cry erupted through the trees and fields I knew that I would lose a brother, or a sister, or a daughter or a son.

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Working hard or hardly working

sick children working parents

Anyone who has kids knows anything can happen. What was once a beloved food can change into a plate of doom overnight. Kids are amazing, unpredictable and get sick. Children can get sick a lot which leads every working mother to the same dilemma- what do you do when your little bundle of joy is sick? Should you take time off to look after them, or leave them with someone trusted while you go and earn some money to keep the roof over their heads?

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The Hangover | Short Story | True Life

Ladies and gentlemen, a few months ago I experienced “The Hangover”. No, not the movie or a regular hangover, this is the hangover to end all hangovers.

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My Smelly Old Man | Story of my old staffie

staffie smelly old man

This morning I woke up with a feeling of dread. My stomach was in knots, I felt ill. My 9 year old Staffie, Diesel, was going to be put to sleep. It was not a decision we had come to easily. He was my smelly old man and I loved him so much.

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