Mangrooming: Birch Box Limited Edition Man Box

In a bid to discover some new stuff for my husband, I ordered him a Birch Box. Not that there is anything wrong with his routine but it’s nice to try new products from time to time. And he is always happy to be my guinea pig and get pampered. What man doesn’t like a woman looking after him? Actually don’t answer that.

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Man Grooming: Rehab London

It’s time for some rehab for the men. No, we aren’t talking about shipping you all off to the Betty Ford Clinic. We are talking Rehab London for your skin. The lovely people over at Rehab HQ sent me some goodies last month to test on my favorite guinea pig, Colin. They sent them at a really good time too and he was able to use them on the run up to our wedding. *Gasp!*

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