The Guide for Surviving Manflu


Manflu, it’s one of those things that completely sucks. I’m currently sitting typing this up while I’m loaded with the cold but I hear manflu is worse. Manflu has taken down even the manliest of men. We are sure even James Bond had to have a duvet day with the sniffles after disarming a missile in the snow. But he had to get back out there pretty quickly again or some other spy would get the girl with the double-entendre name. Here are some of the best remedies for man flu to get you back in fighting form again.
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Oil me up with Eden Semilla || Scents of the Month || September 2016

Eden Semilla

September is the month when we do things like get the kids back to school and celebrate by cleaning out the house to make way for the holidays. Halloween and Christmas are just around the corner, and Starbucks have launched their famous Pumpkin Spice latte for the autumn. It’s all change this month with new stuff. So it’s not surprising then for this month I have a special Scents of the Month with Eden Semilla oils.

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The Beauty Edit: The Random Edition

When it comes to beauty stuff, sometimes I find some of the most random things. And if you ever saw what was in my bathroom you would be wondering what half of the crap in there actually does to my skin or hair. I have picked some of the more random products that I’ve been using recently and presented them to you for you amusement. Some of these things are products you probably wouldn’t look twice at, or they are products that just seem to random and have no purpose in your bathroom.

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Man Grooming: Rehab London

It’s time for some rehab for the men. No, we aren’t talking about shipping you all off to the Betty Ford Clinic. We are talking Rehab London for your skin. The lovely people over at Rehab HQ sent me some goodies last month to test on my favorite guinea pig, Colin. They sent them at a really good time too and he was able to use them on the run up to our wedding. *Gasp!*

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Juice Plus: An Honest Review

If you go and have a look online for Juice Plus, the glory that is the internet will bring up so much stuff it’s difficult to decide if this stuff is any good. There are blogs, not unlike this one, who either praise or slander the life out of it. In my house there are three people who love Juice Plus and one who hates it. Let me explain….

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