Why Superhero movies will (probably) never die

We all love superhero movies right? I mean, you clicked on this post, so I can only assume that’s true, unless you actually hate superhero movies and are only clicking on this to leave an angry comment about it, in which case, suck it up buttercup!

Amongst multimedia trends, Superhero movies are pretty unique because they aren’t restricted by the same genre limitations as westerns or horror movies. While The Avengers, The Dark Knight and Kick Ass are all technically part of the same “genre” you’d be hard pressed to point out that many similarities beyond the fact that they are all wearing garish outfits and punching each other.

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Juice Plus: An Honest Review

If you go and have a look online for Juice Plus, the glory that is the internet will bring up so much stuff it’s difficult to decide if this stuff is any good. There are blogs, not unlike this one, who either praise or slander the life out of it. In my house there are three people who love Juice Plus and one who hates it. Let me explain….

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Lets play make-up! | Easy Beauty

Pinterest Pin Batman Make-up

If you look at some people’s Pinterest pages it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that everyone else is living a glamour filled life with easy beauty. I am one of those people that pins things to try out later, so today I tried my mitts at Batman make-up. It looks cool but is it easy to do?

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