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It’s time for some rehab for the men. No, we aren’t talking about shipping you all off to the Betty Ford Clinic. We are talking Rehab London for your skin. The lovely people over at Rehab HQ sent me some goodies last month to test on my favorite guinea pig, Colin. They sent them at a really good time too and he was able to use them on the run up to our wedding. *Gasp!*

Although we were sent these products for free to test, I didn’t tell Colin until after he gave me his feedback on them. I didn’t want him being biased and giving a good review because they were sent to us. Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut and won some extra wife points. We have included links to sites where you can buy these products if it tickles your fancy. If you do choose to click through and buy something you will help us earn a bit of cash that will keep us stocked up on sandwiches and toilet paper.

Calm Balm


Rehab London Men’s Calm Balm

First of all, it’s worth noting that Colin has a sensitive face. He wasn’t blessed with the rhino hind skin that I have. So when he shaves it feels like his face is being dragged through some gravel that is on fire. I’m sure he can’t be the only guy that suffers from this problem, can he? He was excited to try the Calm Balm because of the gravel-fire pain that comes from shaving off his man stubble. And he was surprised when it actually worked! Not only does the balm have a cooling effect on the skin, it has a subtle fragrance that won’t overpower your aftershave. This dinky little bottle has plenty of product in it and the pump action means that you won’t waste loads by pouring too much out.

Revive Survive

Rehab London Men’s Revive Survive

Colin didn’t realise that you could use this all over your face and spent ages just popping a small bit under his eyes. In a way I don’t blame him. This anti-fatigue cream really brightens up the skin. It brightened his skin so well that he thought it was meant for under your eyes to reduce dark circles. When he did start using it all over his face he looked a lot more alert, even if he was dying off from lack of sleep. This has a similar subtle fragrant as the calm balm that won’t mess with your aftershave.

Shine Free

Rehab London Men’s No Shine

I wouldn’t say that Colin had really oily skin but he does suffer from bad spot breakouts from time to time. He took a bad break out a few days before the wedding and tried the Shine Free lotion in the hope that it would get rid of the spots and help reduce the oil on his skin. This is not a spot treatment but it did help to reduce the size of the spots. I can only assume that he was sweating buckets in the final days before he said “I Do” and the lotion helped to control any further break outs he might have had. If you have oily skin this lotion is ideal for oil control and preventing breakouts without drying out your skin.

Scrub Up Daily Detox

Rehab London Men’s Scrub Up Daily Detox

With men shaving everyday it is important to remember that you can get ingrown hairs. Colin has to shave everyday for work so he would get ingrown hairs a lot. Do you know what that means for him? An ingrown hair that is red and sore. It also needs picked. I like to pick stuff with my pretty pink tweezers. Anyway, this scrub has sand from Tahiti and bamboo to remove any rubbish from the skin. How do I know this stuff removes the gunge and prevents ingrown hairs? I haven’t got to use my tweezers in weeks! Bad news for me, good news for Colin.

Argan Oil Shaving Gel

Rehab London Men’s Cold Turkey Shaving Gel

Back to shaving again but this time it’s a shaving gel to help the razor glide over the skin rather than rip your face a new one. Although argan oil is the main attraction to the shaving gel, it also has witch hazel, aloe vera and cucumber. All of these ingredients put together have given Colin a smoother and less hellish shave. If you shave first thing in the morning then you will enjoy the scent of the gel. The smell of the witch hazel and the aloe vera give the gel a fresh and revitalising scent that is sure to waken you up before you have had your first cup of coffee. (I couldn’t find the exact link on Amazon for this shaving gel but this one looked good too. Plus Colin wants to try this one now…)

Overall we were both really impressed with the products we were sent. Not only did they work but the shaving gel and the daily scrub are both free from nasty stuff like DEAs, parabens and palm oil products. But the big question is, will Colin be buying them and using them again? Absolutely! He is really thrilled to have found some products that work for his skin and make his morning routine easier.

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